Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year

The coming year is significantly happy for me because I’m planning on going to my home country. My parents, friends and of course my favorite men.
Smile. It takes almost 30 hours to get there, first either London or Frankfurt or Istanbul. I think the best airlines are English or German, I still hesitate taking Turkish or Russian.
I have to mention that last time I flew with British airways the service was terrible. The only thing I ask for was water and it came on a third time I asked and after couple hours. It stopped me from tipping them.
Going away somewhere is always nice, especially if your bf travels more than many stewardesses. I believe a woman should never be alone, especially young woman. You never know what can happen while you are earning your double points for mileage you are doing on the air.
So happy New Year everybody and with me luck to find nice man in 2009!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Do Something Good Before The Year Ends

Something like give your girlfriend those damn flowers she wanted to get for a year. If you don’t have a girlfriend- get one. As for women I think this year please, don’t give yourself promises that you will not keep- like going to the gym the first day of the year and which will last a day only.

We are all so quick to make plans for the new year, beginning from the first day. At the same time we have to remember to choose achievable goals so we don’t get frustrated and leave whatever we were going to do and jump onto another task, later leaving it done half way.
This year I have a special mission to do before the year ends, but not starting at the beginning of a new one as every year. I have many friends I haven’t seen for a long time and they might think they are forgotten, but it’s not true.

I already made a list of people I will visit and places I will go. No, it’s not Hawaii or Bahamas. When I worked in a nursing home I’ve met a very nice woman who had nobody in this entire world. She would sit by the window and wait for her daughter who left her and never came back. Rose used to say that her daughter is very busy with work or give some other excuses.
Rose is on the top of my list.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

What To Do If You Don’t Celebrate Christmas

I don’t, because it’s not my religious holiday. Most people in Kyrgyzstan are Muslim and my bf is Jewish, his mom being from Jerusalem and father from Poland. But we do exchange gifts. I don’t know why. Every day is a gift with him, but on Christmas everybody give each other gifts, and I feel obliged to give gifts to my friends when they do it. So, living here in US for almost 3 Christmases I realized that Christmas does not care who you are, where you’re from, what color is your skin- you got to be happy and exchange gifts. I like it, I feel blended in the local culture and don’t feel a stranger anymore. Just one questions remains- I don’t have to change my religion, do I?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How To Make A Man Do Everything You Want

I have read a very interesting article on when and how to make your man do whatever you want and decided to share it with women who don’t know it yet. Even if they know, it’s just a reminder. I’ll print it and read it once in a while too, just to remember how to train my man. It might be very useful for women who are dating, looking for a date, just got married or planning on getting married. For those who have been married for a long time the author says it might be too late, hence the time is wasted and your husband has already gotten used to the rules and might appear too stiff to be trained. According to that article the honeymoon is the best time to start training your husband.

Training, as I understood is not offending at all, and shouldn’t be to the men who will read this. Why? Just because the woman is the one who is responsible for the family. Just because nature programmed men in a way that they should be going hunting, making great scientific and geographical discoveries, go to war and die to win them. So women are the ones who create the family and they can have the right to choose the man, to love him, to train him and if he is good- live with him. Imagine you’re working with clay and while it’s new, wet and soft- you can make any shapes, but when it dries up forget about it.

Some women wonder after 10 years of living together and trying to change him just not working. “I’ve been living with you ten years and you've never given me flowers and never bought me gifts!” and the husband honestly says “But you never told me you liked flowers and wanted gifts!” and he is right! He's just one of the millions of husbands that are not trained. You can get anything you ever wanted in your honeymoon, while his love is still hot, not that it will cool down later but it will become a habit. And we have to cultivate good habits like taking care of you, bringing you flowers, cleaning after himself, buying you gifts at least once a month and very expensive ones every 6 months. You can make your own list and he will do it all. How? Just give him hints, make sad faces and in the cases when your man is super dumb- tell him.

Monday, December 8, 2008

How To Get The Best Man

Every girl dreams of prince charming on his white horse and castle in the downtown of Wonderland. He should be young, handsome, wealthy, strong, smart, love her princess to death and very forgiving of her little whims. You don’t have enough fingers on your both hands to count the criteria. Ok, then you want it all but what do you have to give back?

Unfortunately most or all women will say “Myself!”. Wouldn’t it be too little?! There are millions of women like you- young, beautiful and single. Millions of young women have very soft skin, long legs, beautiful eyes. But the prince Charming cannot fall on a first beauty, he can afford to choose. So, why he specifically choose you? What differs you from other beautiful women?

Beauty without the skills to offer is worth nothing because it will fade over time. The most important is individuality. Beauties from fabric are very popular, but as mistresses and not as wives. And they are changed pretty often.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Harm Of Emotional Love

I have never been a big fan of those “feminine” novels and soap operas full of emotional love. Pure emotional love - is a lie. Then, what about Romeo and Juliette? Shakespeare was a genius, he knew the maze of human souls. He knew that great emotional love of Romeo and Juliette wouldn’t survive, so a tragic end actually was a happy end. Only thanks to that end did we have an etalon of ideal love.

Let’s imagine a different ending to that story. They got married and lived together up to the age of 50. How would their relationship look like then? I bet less romantic! Juliette, the mother of a big family would be unhappy from the lack of money to support the family. Romeo would be visiting younger ladies and drink to forget his unhappy family life. The other version is Romeo suffering from Juliette’s cheating on him because she is disappointed in him and seeks comfort with another man. Maybe they just don’t love each other anymore and filed for divorce.

If anyone experiences that type of big, emotional love- sooner or later (some months or max a year) time will come to pay for that. Any psychologist would tell us not to trust emotions- good or bad. Not to trust when we just met our love or parting. Anyone would agree with me that emotions and adjective are way more expressive when people divorce rather than marry.

So what is the reason that emotion love is only temporarily? Why it doesn’t last long? The reason is that when we experience emotional love we love only ourselves, and the partner is only secondary. All of us just in need to feed our Ego. We are just using other people as a tool to bring us love to ourselves. No, we love ourselves all the time, just from time to time we need to see it in the mirror. It took me 6 years to understand that. For some it takes eternity and for others never.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

In Love With Two Men

It was one of the hardest periods in my life. Thankfully it continued not for long, only a year. I couldn’t let go of either one. One used to work in the KGB and he could find out any time about me cheating on him. He was able to find any files about anyone’s personal life, but I was a tough nut to crack. The strange thing is I didn’t consider it cheating because I loved him too. I loved both of them. My other boyfriend knew I had an old one and was patiently waiting for my farewell with the old one. As I said earlier, it all continued around a year.

Rotating week-end dates, lies about getting sick or my relative getting sick, extra days work, business trips just exhausted me completely. There has been many times when I was almost got caught telling a lie. My heart would go down to my feet before I would say the truth and stop myself on time. All my friends and girl friends were informed and I don’t think they were proud of me. They loved my boyfriend and were in a dead end as well when they met the new one. Both of them were very good-looking, charming personality and so kind and nice to me. Finally they understood me.

When you go to the store with a budget of $100 and there are two dresses that cost $100 each and you like both of them, you cannot keep trying them. You have to make a choice and buy only one. I had put one on another and trying to steal one dress from the store. And it wasn’t nice at all. My pride and human sense wouldn’t allow me to do that. I was just walking around in the store. The situation resolved without me making the choice. Old, almost dying parent of my new boyfriend called him and made him promise to marry a friend of family’s daughter. So he moved away from the city and I regained my peace.

Friday, December 5, 2008

How To Break Up

I don’t know, but I’m trying. Every time I think I got rid of him he appears again and it all starts all over. Usually he gives me a month break. Then he comes and tells me that he loves me, gives me flowers and sweeter kisses. I just don’t know how to end it. Never had that problem. The worst thing is that we are compatible in many levels : communication, role division, trust, emotions, interests, education and many tastes. The only problem is - he is afraid of commitment. I had many boyfriends who were afraid of commitment, but the other good half was normal.

So I already had broken up with him 3 times. If only he wasn’t afraid of commitment we wouldn’t break up, or not so often at least. I just went to the North to find some good men, as soon as I came back he was waiting for me. We are meeting for dinner on my next day-off, he doesn’t know, but it will be our last dinner together.

A very good friend told me I won’t find my Mr. Right while I’m still with Mr. Wrong. He is not even a Mr. Wrong, he is Mr. Scared of Commitment.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Can Friendship Exist Between Men And Women

Many might say no but if you think about it, it does make sense. Do men like knitting, shopping and just doing nothing? Usually no but I have a male friend whom I can rely on for anything and I know he will be there for me. My ex-husband was very jealous of our chats over some sweets and a cup of tea in our kitchen. We could talk for hours and hours.

My ex was not only jealous, but he didn’t believe there can be a real friendship between men and women. One day he came home and said he is in a big trouble at work and he needs a big amount of money in 24 hours. I had no idea what to do, where to get the money. I called my friend, he tried to comfort me that everything will be ok. I heard knocking at our door early next morning. There was my friend, he had red eyes. He looked like he didn’t sleep all night. The only thing he said was “Here is the money”. I was shocked. I knew he was a real friend, but where did he get the money? As I found out later he went through all his friends and all possible ways to find that money for my ex to save my family.

But the most shocking thing was that my ex made up everything and he didn’t need any money, the whole plan was just to test how much my friend would do for me. Our friendship was purely platonic and nothing that would go beyond that. Even after the divorce we stayed the same way. Honestly, I didn’t want to change anything because we were great friends and soul mates, but an actual relationship would ruin that and friendship means me more than any kind of relationship. Later I would joke that if I get married again he would be my made of honor.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Why Young Women Love To Date Older Men

There has been millions of discussions on this topic and still it seems there is no answer. Why? Because there is always a new generation of young women and older men. So now they want to know and the eternal question arises again. There are many answers to it. One of them would be the maturity.

Physically and mentally women mature earlier, thus the difference between the two genders. Older men and younger women understand each other much better than mates. If you ever saw children playing in the playground girls always play role games in the house pretending to be moms and visiting each other while boys are busy with cars and running around. Girls are ahead learning about family structure and how to take care of everybody. By the time girls graduate from the universities boys are still thinking what they are going to be when they will grow up.

No woman likes when a man doesn’t know what to say in social circles, doesn’t know that she needs flowers for any occasion and doesn’t give little happy gifts. By the time a man learns those skills a woman gets 10-15 years older than him and usually because of him. As a young married woman I felt deprived many times. My young husband didn’t know I needed more than just great intimate relationships. I wanted him to introduce me to something new, something I didn’t know.

Exploring new things together was great, but he was still behind me in many aspects. Our conversations wouldn’t go out of our kitchen. Older men know a lot usually and young men can know a lot too, but it’s so hard to find them. Maybe they hide in the libraries? Money problems always sounds like a shallow topic to mention, but usually men by their 40th have decent jobs and better lifestyles.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Who Should Decide Your Future

Just like the good old days, everybody is concerned why I'm still single especially my father who thinks I will get old and nobody will ever marry me and I will live with them forever. It’s a good idea, a daughter who cleans, cooks and takes care of the house and everybody in it. But still he was persistent with the idea to find me a husband even though my mom wasn’t that much concerned.

I don’t think any parent in any culture other than mine would bring his friend’s son and lock him in a room with his daughter on their first date. I don’t remember seeing this lanky, face full of pimples “fiancé” before. “Hi” he said after forever lasting silence. “If you think you are going to marry me, the answer is No! I don’t like you. I want to marry someone I know and someone I love and don’t even try to argue!” After that he was harmless. I don’t think it was his initiative to come and see me and he definitely wasn’t ready to start a family.

I told him that when our parents come in to ask us out we will just sit and tell them that we didn’t like each other and if they want we can be friends, but we had different interests to be husband and wife. “Why do you have to have similar interests? One of you has to be a wife and the other a husband!” our fathers were surprised. They meant I have to stay in the kitchen and he will work and support myself and our kids. I keep asking the heavens when it will be over. When finally will we be able to find our husbands and wives by ourselves. Hope that day is not that far, so we will be responsible for our own mistakes.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Perfect Gift For Him

Again the stress of the holidays and you have to get thousands of gifts for all your loved ones, your friends, neighbors, teachers and coworkers. But the most important gift is always the hardest to find for him. Generally it’s so hard to find gifts for men. They have everything and they don’t need much. Women on the other hand seem to constantly need of all those big and little things

It’s not that hard to find presents for women. Since the world is all commercialized now, it puts pressure on all women what to buy for everybody. I wouldn’t go as far as buying a present for him, I prefer to make it myself. Isn’t that the whole idea of Christmas? To desire something from your heart and create it with your hands.

I thought I might need some art craft kit, but I stopped when I saw my friend knitting a pullover for her husband. Ok, what do you have together? Good memories, lizard pet, love for tennis, couple trips. So now I find myself questioning what I can come up with. I really want to make it with my hands, like the times when I was a little girl and didn’t have money to buy a good gift for my mom. At that time I wanted to buy French perfume, a beautiful dress, pearls, all the nice things. Now that I can afford it, I have realized that my little gifts were more valuable in a sentimental sense.

As we will live our lives I would want him to remember my little gift. The secret of the present will be revealed on the 25th.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

When The Lights Go Down

The circus begins. Corteo. It was a wonderful experience. The feeling of sublimation will keep me on my toes for a long time at least for a month. I will remember the performance forever. I have never thought the circus can be so exciting. I always used to love opera and ballet. I was sitting with my mouth opened and sometimes eyes closed when acrobats were jumping with the ropes. There are not enough words to describe how great it was.

One of the exciting moments was when my love held my hand and whispered that he loves me into my ears. Each performance of acrobats was telling a love story. When a ladder dancer was balancing himself on a two legged ladder trying to reach for the angel who was watching him from above, isn’t that love? Finally he reaches her and she takes him with herself to heaven.

Giant, little people, mysterious village people come to the Dead Clown’s funeral. His four former loves in life dance on the chandeliers that hang above his bed. The dance is graceful and full of love. Or is it me who sees love everywhere? At least next to me.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

How To Find Love When You Are Sick

Here I am with my stuffy nose and big head looking for some humanity from people in white gowns. “It’s a bacterial influenza and if you take these antibiotics and do all my orders- you’re going to be fine in just a week.” He prescribed four tablets for me to take. Only four tablets which I will have to take two days. Are you kidding me?! I’ve been sick almost two weeks and that is all you can give me?! Four tablets.

I was very confused and I guess I wanted some more attention rather than just a piece of paper. Some would say it’s not the right time to flirt when you are having the flu and don’t really fully understand what is going on. Not me. I take total responsibility for my actions committed in Jackson hospital in Miami on these cold stuffy evenings. I went there during the day, of course. Just wanted to make it look more romantic.

This young doctor was from Cyprus and surprisingly knew a lot about my culture and country. Hard to be sweet and flirt in my condition but you have to do whatever it takes to find your love or just a date for next Friday evening. “Oh, really? I don’t think so. I’ve been so sick that antibiotics are not the only thing I need to get better at the moment.”

Then you don’t have to do anything but watch. Don’t stare at him with those red, blurry eyes- try to make them at least a little bit sexy. He said he has to go and check his schedule and was back in less than one minute. He said Friday he was working the night shift but Saturday evening he was absolutely free. “Well, I guess it worked for me.”, I said slowly. Since it was Thursday I had two days to get better taking those pills he gave me. Two days exactly.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Pioneers Of Online Dating

With the boom of online dating in the 90s I didn’t stay aside of the picture. I had to find a virtual boyfriend, date him, fall in love with him and marry him. Anyway, it wasn’t that hard. I posted my picture and wrote some basics about me and started receiving letters from members of the opposite sex. One of the two keys to get a lot of responses as I learned was to take a good picture with a smiling face and write good and positive things about yourself. I just couldn’t remember any negative things about myself. At least at that moment. Who cares, good impression was my priority. Anyway, I met a very sweet guy from Turkey, who originally was from Kazakhstan

He was doing his Masters there and was missing his home, friends and needed a nice girl like me to talk to on a lonely evening. We exchanged letters almost every day, chatted on weekends and he used to call me every two weeks. After six months we knew each other better than my friends I have spent years with. He wrote about his love in a poem I still keep in my mind. Sweet seventeen…

A year passes by and he visits me in my country during his summer vacation. It was my most romantic date I ever had. Until now. Are all women like this or only me? I say that one day I’ll be eighty something and sitting on my terrace and watching the sunset and remembering my most romantic date I have ever had.

My city. I didn’t recognize it, I just couldn’t. I was flying on the same streets I used to take a walk on. I couldn’t consume any food, I had to chew it and I didn’t have time for that. I was just sipping juice. And love. Those two things kept me on my feet or wings. The rose he gave me was the most tender thing my lips ever touched. Oh, about lips. The kiss he gave me made me lose my consciousness and the law of gravity wasn’t working on me. There is at least one man in each woman’s life that she regrets letting go of. He is the one in mine. When it was just too much of happiness I just couldn’t take it and maybe will think about it sitting on my terrace years later.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Keys To Successful Relationship

Love. It can be the reason you are in relationship, but it also can be one of the reasons of breaking up. How come? Easily. The consequences of love are tremendous and devastating. Jealousy is the biggest reason of dramas, tragedies and sometimes even divorce. To keep love and be in happy, peaceful and successful relationship I just decided to share with my experience. However, not so many people learn from other’s mistakes, in order to learn and remember you have to make that mistake yourself. Still I hope there are really smart people who will think twice and remember my tips before doing or saying something that could cause irreversible effects and hurt loved one’s heart.

1. Give space to each other. It will help to keep the feeling of missing each other all the time.
2. Do not forget to thank him/her for the things they do for you or towards the relationship and well being of two of you.
3. Pay attention to details. Perfection is not achievable goal, but we are not pursuing it. Just as making sure that he has hot coffee while he is working or she has her favourite chocolate in one of the kitchen drawers is a big deal.
Love itself builds on non-forgettable details. So let’s work on it.
4. Distinguish roles in your relationship. Let him be a man and enjoy being woman yourself. Or other way around. Being a woman has it’s own advantages and every woman discovers it around the age of 14-16. Some women forget about that and start to control a man, which doesn’t lead anywhere. When men try to control, I just say simple “Ok”, let him enjoy his patriarchal role and do my own way. And everybody is happy.
5. Always be honest. Trust him/her and do not let other people to get involved in your personal life and ruin it. If you stop trusting him/her try to talk or move on. Just be honest with yourself first.
6. Respect each other. His/her friends, family and their lifestyle.
7. Money issue is one of the biggest cause of conflicts. The ways how person spends the money he has earned can gain him respect or contrary. Unfortunately we live in a materialistic world and everything costs money,

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How To Spend Thanksgiving If You Are Alone

The reason we celebrate Thanksgiving goes back to the ship “Mayflower” and the people who came on it. I came to this country two years ago on a British airways plane. I bet tickets at the time of the Mayflower were much cheaper than British airline’s. Anyway, since I live here now I feel I’m obliged to celebrate Thanksgiving. I have my own stuff to thank god for such as the people in my life but the problem is I’m alone.

So I purchased tickets to Oregon and from there to Montana. Might not be the best idea at the end of November to be buying tickets but I heard when it’s cold people want to be close to each other (physically) and all kinds of warm feelings. Being such an adventurer and always looking for love I cannot miss such an opportunity this coming winter.

I will post my whole report after I hunt for some tough men in cold places.
So watch out, men!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Interracial Dating

I would say it all depends on the location. I don’t think you will encounter such a thing in let’s say Alabama as often as in South Florida or some other metropolitan areas. I was one of the people being charmed by exotic men.

At the same time they find me exotic as well. Not so many Asian people around here. I just can’t help preferring mulatto men. They are so handsome, well-built and passionate lovers. At least the ones I have met. I had no boring moment with 2 men I dated in a period of a year. Each of them have introduced me to the things I didn’t know before. New drinks, food, entertainment and different system of values. I felt how free spirited my men were and I started feeling the same.

Unfortunately interracial dating can face it’s dead end when the family, community you live in and friends influence you more than 50% of your decisions. Some people give up so easily on the way to the happiness, and I wasn’t one of them. You get confused when you don’t know what you want- I knew. I just wanted to be happy. If a person can make me happy, other factors like age, race, nationality and religion do not make any difference to me. Time was passing by and I guess I had my own expectations according to my own culture, maybe I was expecting being kidnapped and married. Nothing was happening. My man was passionate, caring, loving but didn’t want to kidnap me. In other words to marry me.

So all my defense I was building against the society didn’t have to be used. I realized that my black men were scared to death of the commitment as any other white or Asian men. So that proved me that there is no difference between men at least. They are all afraid of the ring that will chain them to one single woman, kids, meeting parents and speaking publicly. In a closing I have to admit that there are no any specific tips how to date outside of your race, culture and street. Just be yourself and one day you will find someone who loves you just for you.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hidden Skeletons On The Skeletons

Dating a police officer is not an easy thing I would say. First of all his day starts at 4 o’clock in the morning, while I go to bed an hour later. I cried on our first date. Why? Because he took me to the movie about firefighters who died on 9/11 in New York. It was a great movie, but not on a first date.

Couple weeks later I took him to Bodies Exhibition. I was studying human anatomy at that time so wanted to combine pleasure and use. So I had my revenge. Can’t say that our dates were full of romance and love flying in the air. The other way round, they seemed dry and dull. I wasn’t expecting the greatest entertainment in the world from him, maybe some cop jokes.
I remember one of them. Radio station. Dj is talking: “Now we are starting our evening show and the first song “Come together” is devoted to our dear police officers, which in their language means “jump in the back seat of my car, usually handcuffed.”

One day I was so proud and happy I was dating a police officer when we stopped by Blockbuster to rent a movie for the evening and a huge truck blocked the way to enter or exit the parking lot. So my boyfriend comes out from his car and gives him a ticket. I didn’t know they can give tickets when they are on a date and not on duty. The truck driver was very angry but I hope he understood that road is not only his and even if there are no police cars around, one of the guys with a cute girl might be an officer on a date.

It didn’t last long, however he was pretty open minded in changing him, he even sat with me on the floor to eat in one of the fancy Japanese restaurants. Our first shopping trip together was one of the last issues I couldn’t take. I picked a shirt for him and he went to try it. It was so good on him, on his fit, muscular body. I almost fainted when he turned around to show how it was from the back. It was a very light linen shirt, so I saw a huge tattoo on his back. His both shoulders and up to lower back. No, I haven’t seen him naked until that day. I was disgusted and couldn’t talk to him anymore.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Teachers Dating Students

Every teacher knows it’s against the law to date their student and every cute student knows if she gets him out on a date she can manipulate him until she finishes the college or university.
We dated only one semester. No, I didn’t dump him just after the final exam results showed up in my transcript. Actually I did very good in microbiology lab and the final was very easy for me since I knew how to differentiate Staphylococcus Aureus from Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. I was enjoying the class until my teacher started hitting on me, asking me some personal questions and finally asked me on a date. We went to one of the numerous sushi restaurants in South Beach. As millions of couples we went to the movie on our second date. Our dates were smooth and drama free, but classes went on an opposite direction. Between two of them I would definitely choose my class and career to develop, so I had to make a choice.

Not that I tried to make him give me good grade regardless my progress but I started oversleeping classes or coming late, missing my homework, etc. I didn’t do any of them intentionally but they were just happening at that time. Another thing I have noticed is that two girls from the same class were flirting with him borderless. By borderless I mean they were going over any borders of teacher and student conversations. Smiles, eye contacts, impromptu hand touches and many other little tricks women go into were little bit annoying to me. I saw how uncomfortable he felt, how he were looking at me at the same time and at that moment I realized that next semester there are going to be new students, younger girls, prettier ones. All I wanted is to protect myself from jealousy that would eat me years later every time he will leave to teach his new class.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How To Find A Man On A Desert Island

Here are some tips if you ever happen to be on a deserted island and you find yourself looking for a date for Saturday night. Some of them may sound hard to accomplish, but essential survival tips on a dating scene still might be helpful. Before you can find anyone to date on a deserted island you need to get yourself into better shape.

Let’s start from the head. I mean what’s on it. I don’t think many would be interested what’s in it on the island. At least at the beginning, let’s hope. So, try to find an avocado tree and pick up some plants and make a mask for your hair. Put the paste on and wrap around with some big leaves. Rinse thoroughly after 45 minutes. You can time it by the sun. Let’s say you have put it when the sun was over the first palm tree on the row and you can rinse it when it will be over the 5th palm tree. Or something like that. Anyway. It will make your hair shine so strongly that maybe even someone on the next deserted island will notice it and swim by.

Your skin might get dry from the salty water, sun and sand so our next goal is to find at least a coconut tree because the nut’s milk is a good moisturizer for the skin on an everyday basis. Put it on every time you have showered in the ocean or fresh water river found somewhere in the middle of the island if you're lucky. Back to the skin. Yes, sun and sand damages our skin a lot if we do not take good care of it.

Since you will not have access to the best French perfumes and as we all know men like their women smelling good you will have to try to find some flowers that smell nice. Make a necklace out of them or squeeze their juices and put this liquid on your wrist, back neck and lower neck (that’s where they usually kiss).
So now, you are all ready to meet the man of your dreams and good luck in your hunt to find him!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Let Me Run You Over. If You’re Still Alive I Want To Marry You!

Some Kyrgyz traditions may sound too weird. People across the world wont understand them. When I remember the customs my great parents had I get goose bumps. One of them is how men used to test their future wives. It wasn’t all about assets, but physical strength of a woman. She had to be strong enough to carry and take care of a child. Remember medieval times when knights used to fight to conquer their women or at least some titles and money in Europe?

At that time Kyrgyz men used to ride on their horses and hit a woman they wanted to marry with their big winter hat. (Yes, you are reading right.) If a woman was strong enough to stay on her feet and didn’t loose her balance, then that is the right woman to be the mother of his kids. Not too romantic, right? I don’t know how women felt, but I would try to carry a big stick around, just in case someone will “ask me out”. So it's the 21st century now and what do you think Kyrgyz men do to find their love? They just kidnap, as I narrated in “The Sack Over Your Head A Ring On Your Finger?”. Mores change, same as people.

I would be very interested how people all around the world used to date, marry and love, relationships in general. Nowadays it’s all became a universal thing, so that peculiarities of the nations are lost. Who would at the beginning of 20th century think that Kyrgyz young people will give flowers and sweets to each other on Valentine’s Day by the end of the century? I am assuming Kyrgyz men are becoming more romantic. But you still can find that Kyrgyz men prefer both physically and mentally strong women and they are not into model type of girls, but of course you don’t have to be a wrestler either to find a man in Kyrgyzstan.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Sack Over Your Head A Ring On Your Finger

It all started two years ago and today I’m going to put an end to it. You would think people would stop me on the street to ask me for the time or for directions or even money. NO! They stop me to ask where am I from. The waiters in the restaurants should ask what I want to order for my entrée but instead they ask me where am I from. My neighbors instead of saying hi or bye to me ask me where am I from. Ok. Enough. I am going to finish it today. Let me clear this up by saying I’m not Chinese or Japanese - I am Kyrgyz.

We have quite different appearance and completely different customs, traditions and beliefs. Lets just take our tradition on marriage. Young people date for a short period of time and if a guy decides to get married his friends get together and stalk after her and when the moment is right they just kidnap her. Sometimes even the groom participates. He might trick her by asking her out to a restaurant and after dinner instead of taking her back to her place they just go straight to his house. As soon as they arrive the grooms mother puts a kerchief on the bride’s head and if she doesn’t take it off- that means she agrees to be his wife.

The riots, hysterics and crying are not rare as well. How would you feel if a boyfriend you just met kidnaps you and when you left your house you forgot to make your bed or even more tragic- you have to have your favorite pillow to have a good night sleep. And he happens to kidnap you the day when you didn’t have it in your purse. I understand when a girl knows a guy and they have dated at least a month, but there are marriages where couple’s first date was on their wedding day. The funniest thing in all this tradition is that the divorce rate is very low in Kyrgyzstan. My marriage was in a similar way, I was kidnapped and we had a baby girl year later. I want to tell you guys about how men used to test if it was a right woman for them, but it’s getting late and I have an early class tomorrow. So ciao for today my friends!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tips On How To Forget A Man

It will never happen. Yes, that is true and that is my verdict for today. Unless you get some amnesia, in that case you might be lucky to forget him forever. But as for now, let’s try to forget him in terms of short period of time like stop crying every once in a while into the pillow and stop seeing him in every man across the street and think about the options that we have. I did a lot of dating and breaking up , so I know what I’m talking about.

One of the best methods was to get a new guy to forget an old one. Don’t look at me like that! Nobody is using anybody. It’s all about helping. Helping yourself and your loved ones. Anyway, it always used to work on me. I remember to forget a scientist I found a programmer, then to forget him I found a teacher, then insurance agent, engineer, and even just an unemployed.
Going shopping would be the other great way to forget a man. Not exciting but for the beginning just browsing can be a big thing when the world crashes. Women concentrate on details, tiny things so the assortment of the malls will keep our minds out of that pig in pants.

Some prefer ice-cream, some flan and some chocolate. I just take a gum. Yes, you heard it, gum. You know how annoying it can be when other person is chewing it, but when you do it, oh, it is so relaxing and makes you stop thinking at all. I mean you’re not capable of thinking anymore. If it makes you feel better you may imagine that it is him and every chew becomes even a pleasure.
And of course any destination vacation. New environment and people always bring new emotions and life begins over and over again, even in 50, it is just a beginning!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tips On How To Get Rid Of A Man

Not long time passes by and oops, he is not the right one. I just feel sorry for all the energy wasted on him. Anyway, it’s time to move on. Plan your break up in details. What if you will never, ever meet him in this world again and you forgot your favourite toothbrush in his house or he forgot the red socks you gave him on Valentine’s Day. Don’t do anything after 5 minutes you have decided to get rid of him.

Calm down, go to the spa or even take a little getaway vacation and then only pack his stuff. Write down all the reasons you are breaking up with him, put in a plastic cover and tape it to his suite case or bag, or even his car. Remember, even the most miserable thing needs an explanation, so we don’t want to leave him without that. Whatever the reason of your break-up do not cry.

You don’t want him to remember you as some weak hysteric woman, don’t you? So, don’t do it.
Be very clear and don’t break anything, that’s why spa relaxation is very good. If you have some material belongings that you share custody for it might take a little longer and you two have to sit and talk about it. Don’t feel sorry for him if he has to go back to his mom’s basement to reside. Or don’t feel tempted to stay with him, even though if you know he is not right for you only because you have to go back to your mom’s house or pay a high rent.

Sometimes it’s hard to part with a man who keeps telling you that he loves and stalks you around. As we all know life is too short and why would anybody waste extra hour, extra breath, extra heart beat on someone who is not the ONE?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tips On How To Get A Man

First of all you have to find him. As I told you all the tricks how to find him in my previous article, now after we found him it’s time to make him yours. By saying make him “yours” I don’t mean own him, control him or keep him out of reach of the children etc. Just some tricks so that he will do it all by himself. Make sure you complete all the steps.
OK, You met online and here is your first date.
1. First impression is the impression he will have of you forever. So don’t dare to wear sneakers for the first date. At the same time don’t overdress.
2. Don’t talk too much or sit as a fish. Fish, don’t order it if you don’t know how to use fish fork or learn about table etiquette before your date.
3. Write down all the questions you want to ask and read through at home so you don’t come home from a date and still you know nothing about him.
4. Be very feminine and don’t make your silly jokes that all your friends love.
Only close friends get them and he is just a stranger so far.
5. Let him choose the place but don’t let him pick you up. Especially from your house.
6. And last but most important- offer to pay for half of the bill. He doesn’t have to pay for you but if he does it’s only a plus towards him and offering is a plus towards you.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tips On How To Find A Man

Not that hard, but not easy either. You always have to be alert and keep your eyes open. You never know where the man of your dreams is hiding. Look everywhere, even in the trash room! Of course don’t look through trash- he is definitely not there but he might be just a nice eco friendly guy who is recycling his bottle of wine. And do not forget to wear lipstick all the time.

We could eliminate some potential places we don’t want to meet our men, but being romantic we should consider all places like: Laundromat, beaches, law offices ( a man can be getting a divorce), all kinds of concerts, plays and balls.

Let’s say you met him in Starbucks. What is next? Ok, you have to remember that we are not looking for just a “man”, we are in search of right man. After first glance pay attention to his shoes. Good quality and tasteful shoes never belong to some sloven, and we don’t want some cheap men either. Next is the watch on his wrist. If they are Asahi, forget about him and concentrate on someone else. Each hair counted haircut is the peak of elegance of men. I don’t consider shaven hair to be haircut. After quick inspection he turns out to be a considerable candidate. Don’t stare at him but as soon as he looks at your side wink at him and turn back ( don’t forget little smile on your face).
He will wonder who you are and will approach you within 5 minutes. All that will follow is totally up to you. Just don’t screw it up.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

How To Make The Right Decision

To make a decision is always hard, but the right one is the hardest. Torture for me is to choose between ice cream and cheesecake for dessert but now it’s time to make some bigger decisions. Six months ago when I was dating my current boy friend I didn’t know whether to leave him or let life go until it gets too serious. Six months is already too serious for me so I was about to make my right decision. But how to make a right one? These tips helped me to figure it out:

Divide a piece of paper into two columns and list all pros and cons (separately of course J );

Trust your stomach. No, you are not going to eat and see what happens, no. Just close your eyes and think about the decision you want to make and each of the options. How does your stomach feel when you think of each of the options? Guess what, it will tell you which is the right one.

Plan it. When you will write everything on the paper it will be more clear to find out. Plan for the next week, month or even a year and you’ll see.

And the last one. Be honest with yourself. Analyze the environment, yourself, him and you two together. If you aren't honest to yourself, nobody else is going to be.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Karma- What Goes Around Comes Around

Ok, it’s another way to manipulate people, especially young teens. How those who only lived ten and something years know that all you do will come back to you as a boomerang? They do not know, they haven’t lived enough to wait for everything to come back, but they do believe. Now, there is an interesting question - Do you do something nice just for the sake of it or hope or if something bad afraid it will come and bite you later? In a latter case you are just helping yourself. Everyone gets what he/she deserves and what he/she wants but not because they did something bad. I wish this karma thing really did work! But no, the life is unfair and I do understand you might be saying to yourself Im worth something more than my husband or my bf who I’m 5 years with.

If you don’t want it and think you deserve much more just do it, that’s what You want and not because KARMA brought you this fat husband who consumes more beer than your car in a week. Or if you want home cooked meal every day you come from work- kick that lazy cow out of your house and stop paying for her spa visits. Unless if that’s what you want, of course. If you can’t do it- just suck it up and deal with it for the rest of your life. I don’t mean you should walk over the heads and be totally selfish, no. But my point is if you do good just for karma, then you are helping yourself and not other people, so can we call those people nice, really nice???

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Way To Find Out If It’s Mr. Right

One company in Switzerland made a research to hire people based upon how they eat. Yes, they invited them over to the restaurant and the interview was how people ate. Innocent people didn’t know about the experiment being held on them. I think one of the best ways to find out if it is Mr. Right is not going to the fancy restaurants with him, but follow him in the car and see how he drives. If he speeds, never let other people go (especially women), honks and demonstrates other rude behaviors on the road- he cannot be good guy for you. I don’t think men would do that with you in the car, but they do get wild when they have that wheel in their hands and no one can criticize them.

I had a chemistry teacher who I respected a lot and today I saw him driving. His windows were down and he didn’t let me go into his lane, because mine ended and acted as if he didn’t see me. Then he speed up (going at least 55 on 35 road). He was very nice to me while tutoring and giving me hints that he would like to ask me out. I was so happy today that I never went out with him, so from now on I want to test my potential dates on the road. Sounds funny, but that’s what reveals an animal sitting deep inside that they show years after when it‘s too late.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Many Reasons I Like Men

Why do I like men? First because I am a woman. Or it’s already abnormal nowadays for women to prefer men? I think I will stay with those instincts given us with blood. Before I get carried away again, let me tell quickly the reasons I like men. Men are much cleaner ( I see your smile), if you would live or school with only women- the degradation process will take week or even less, but mixed communities much longer or even progress under some circumstances.

With men you don’t have to gossip about some cute guy or your best friend. They take 2 minutes for shower, don’t use make up, not obsessed with shopping and will never sleep with your husband. Most of all men play by rules, give you flowers and nice gifts. They might be very helpful around the house: reach for the thing you cannot, fix the broken things or change the light bulb. If they cheat on you one day- you can always substitute them.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008

10 And 1 Reasons I Don’t Like Women

1. They never can keep a secret.
2. Most of them are dumb, even though they might not reveal it first time, but it becomes clear shortly after.
3. They claim they are clean creatures, but anything except their make up is a mess.
4. They lie too often, sometime even without any reason. Just for the sake of it.
5. By the age of 50 they have done more than 50 plastic surgeries.
6. They can’t keep the same personality 7 days in a row.
7. They pretend too much.
8. They get too wild if they have too much of freedom, money and power.
9. Some have no idea what self-respect means.
10. First cold as ice, then melt like an ice-cream, then who wants to drink warm milk?
11. Watch out if they have a little beauty. They use that weapon more than anything else.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

What To Do On A Rainy Day

Sleep. I feel sleepy all the time when it rains. I cannot concentrate on my books and study hearing these sounds of rain drops falling on the roof. I just want to curl up with love and listen to all those distracting sounds together.

What a disaster, he is working on a rainy Saturday and I am all alone by myself. Maybe I should go to the mall and get lost among strangers, beautiful clothes, delicious smells and hi-tech devices. Even shoe shopping does not excite me on a rainy day. So, what should I do on a rainy day?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boca Juice For Men

I know a man who uses and sometimes abuses it. He is over 50 and believe me, he looks like he is 34! I don’t question that he has done several liposuctions, hair transplantation and god knows what else he has done to look younger. But what I don’t understand is his girlfriend is 50 with 3 grown up kids my age. I would expect him to date at least someone in her thirties, but why so much pain and effort- to date someone your age? Does not make any sense! Why men do that?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Circumcision- Male and Female, Is It Good Or Bad

I wouldn’t want to date a man who was not circumcised. I saw one of those ant eaters and honestly don’t want that experience ever again. Imagine what happens to those ant eaters when the owner reaches elderly age. Ok, enough.

What really confused me is female circumcisions in one of those wild tribes.
The whole purpose of that is for women not to experience simple pleasures in this life. Absurd. Ridiculous. While men taking advantages of circumcision, another men are taking advantage of women circumcising them. Crazy world.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dating A Celebrity

Yes, it is hard. Yes, it is too much of pressure. Yes, it is all about them and you are just someone dating a celebrity. He is very handsome man, takes me everywhere he goes ( cannot tell his name for confidentiality reasons), very talented and very good father. Stop. Father- all his free time he wants to spend with his daughter, I’m only on the third place. I don’t like it. I want to be the first thing in his life.

You cannot change the past but you can change your future and it seems like I am ready to make those changes and not sacrifice myself for his name, gifts and money. I know how to eliminate other women in his life, but his child, his precious blood I cannot deal with that.
It has been going from month to another and he seems pretty comfortable with our positions and I don’t know how to end this up.

Friday, October 24, 2008

When To Introduce Your Love To Co-Workers

All of us make little silly mistakes sometimes. I am a big exception- I make little silly mistakes all the time. Like introducing my boyfriend to my colleagues. Being a teacher was a hard job in the aspect that you have to be an example not only to your children and some close people, but to your students and other professors. When I have introduced my third boyfriend within two and a half period of time I started feeling uncomfortable. Not that I deliberately was bringing them in to my department everybody to meet, but there were so many reasons they had to come and see me at work during breaks.

So now, one month passes by and guess what- I have a new boyfriend. I would love not allow him to visit me at work under any circumstances, but yesterday he said he wants to cook and bring me the food for my lunch. I said that I was having lunch with my colleagues, but he wants to bring it another day. I don’t know how he has so much time on his hands, I guess it’s one of the advantages of being self-employed. I still have a problematic question when revealing the truth at work, soon or later they will find out. Maybe I should stop dating at all or stop being too picky and dropping guys so soon.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Greediness- is it possible to change it

It must be frustrating for any girl to never receive a single gift from her boyfriend. Many beautiful girls think men are obligated to shower them with gifts all the time. In my case I wasn’t expecting expensive gifts or surprise trips to places, but rather some attention- meaning opening the doors, asking me what I want for breakfast, etc; then, after six month of dating him I started feeling anxiety if he will ever give me anything, at least a post-card.

He is not a poor man and he constantly buys himself gifts, why not me?!
Is it in his genes, bringing up gap or just personal beliefs? I don’t know, and I’m trying to cure him from that giving him a lot of little gifts one in a while. I never forget our monthly anniversary, and take him to the nice restaurant. I don’t know if his disease is terminal or curable, but I will keep trying. I might be wrong and it’s better when you don’t expect anything or least. That way you get all you wanted and even more.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Do Men Like Independent Women?

I hear a lot from men that they like independent women, they respect them and would prefer an independent woman as their partner. I don’t like the word “partner” when it is used toward the loved one, especially lady. I imagine a tough business woman in the suit, without any emotions and cold as ice. She will do anything to get what she wants. Is that what you want, men?

I don’t think so. I do believe men still have that need and desire to care and provide for his woman. He was a collector, hunter, fisher, etc; that is why I see so many pictures of men next to their catch and trophy. Everybody is tired of those pictures, just women and particularly men forget that they want to demonstrate that they can provide for his woman by those type of pictures. So it seems contradictory to tell that you want an independent woman while your pictures are sending different message. There are some levels of independency that men would appreciate and respect, just women overdid when they were fighting for gender rights. Men feel needed and proud of themselves when they can take care of their women, so I think
total independence of women is not always the best thing for both of us.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Can We Ever Leave Our Past In The Past

For some people it is the hardest thing to do. Like my current boyfriend. I find pictures of his ex-s, their personal items and just their souls flying around. Very weird and unpleasant feeling. When our past becomes past? I think when we meet our future, at least with me. This trick always works on me- I try to find someone new in order to forget someone old. And then even present becomes past. It is not an easy thing to be a sugarbabe.

You have to learn control your feelings and be ready to move on any second. I think of a flight attendant girl when I talk about my life or better say lifestyle. I have to be ready to go to nay part of the world at a moment’s notice. I cannot have PMS days, I have to look best at any times and perform multiple functions at the same time, but the hardest thing- to deal with my partners’ past all the time and never think about mine. I believe one day I will also meet a man who will leave his past behind when he will see me.

Hypnosis, Does It Really Work?

It is year 2008 now and after some time it will be very far past, and since the time hypnosis has been discovered, to effect the part of our brain responsible for sleep and subconscious decisions many attempts have been made to hypnotize the greatest people throughout the world. Many women and men tried and still do that to make the other part to fell in love with them or do some actions against their will. There are many opinions that most of the terrorist attacks have been committed by people being hypnotized some time earlier.

I knew a person who I thought was hypnotized by a man she got married with. At the beginning she didn’t like him at all. I have to tell you, she was gorgeous, yes, more than just beautiful. And he was a person who we can say an accountant type, nobody notices him and anything about his life. I have no idea how she got married with him. Some might argue with me telling how about great personality, money or just being nice, he could conquer her with that. I’m sorry, but I have to tell you that this love story ended very sad. She committed a suicide after couple month of marriage I cannot think anything else than hypnosis, and it is very dangerous when you do it to play with person’s feeling.

Friday, October 17, 2008

My God Is Flying Spaghetti Monster, What About You?

I think we should talk about religion today. Why? Just because everybody is talking about it nowadays. And I am so tired of people who are religious. It is funny, so absurd to me that they confidently say what will happen to us after we die. Then they should know what will happen tomorrow, if they don’t know then they are just charlatans because supposedly they know life after death. But thinking independently- is there life after death? Nobody ever came back, so we don’t know.

Let’s take Jesus, he was a great man, son of a carpenter and sacrificed himself for his belief. But he is still a man for me, that is it. I can’t remember now when religion started being politics, I have to go back to my history class, middle school. I have a friend who is Jehovah witness and she was trying to convert me to the same religion, sorry, my mistake, it’s not even a religion, a sect, I know even funnier sect- Mormons. Come on , he saw the writing in his hat and made a big deal out of it. That guy was hilarious, but what wonders me more is people who believe in that kind of nonsense. I know I might turn many people against me after I wrote this, but I don’t care anymore, I think people like me should do something about it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bloody Knife

All relationships usually start romantically and pure. Mine started with a lot of blood, swelling and head aches. I met a surgeon. He was excellent, tall and handsome. All you want from a man, but not from your surgeon. I didn’t want him to look inside of my mouth and pull my wisdom tooth out. Yes he was a facial surgeon. After some time dating him and having our first kiss I still felt uncomfortable thinking about that he pulled my tooth, and I was always thinking how he felt kissing me, if he thinks about my tooth.

Funny and silly, I know, but I can’t do anything about it and it keeps bothering me even now, after I broke up with him. I think that was the reason I couldn’t continue the relationship with him. If we only met in different circumstances, I think we would have a future. Neither I wouldn’t be able to date my hairdresser, my lawyer ( partially because I try to sue anyone I can- I have a lot of issues), and my best friend- because he knows too much about me, especially the part which my boyfriend shouldn’t know. At the end, it seems to me- I have nobody to date.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Let Me See You Strip

Yes, they are called Australia’s hottest export. After paying $60 for the show and $20 for their picture I was sitting excited and had some cash in my hands if they come over to my table and dance right in front of me. I think there is a stereotype about public that goes to men strip clubs- they are old, ugly and single women whom nobody wants to be with anymore. So my girlfriend and I (young and very beautiful) decided to change that opinion in society and went to the “Thunder from down under” show.

I know many macho men who think that men deserve respect regardless they provide for family or not, but after that show I totally lost respect for men, at least for the half of them. I wouldn’t want my husband, brother or son provide that way for his family. As everything in our world - demand creates supply, so they must be a result of hunger that women had. Then, it’s not all true that men are visual and women are auditory, women are visual too.

What did I do with the cash I had in my hands? Nothing. When one of those Australian strippers came to our table and let me touch him, I tried to feel some muscle in his arms and guess what- nothing. His arm was softer than mine. Was totally unacceptable.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Is There A Such Thing As Non-beneficial Relationships

Being a student is hard, especially if you are combining full-time school and full-time dating. Sometimes I think it would be more beneficial for me if men I date would teach me some of my classes, not only giving me gifts and pay for my school. Am I becoming greedy like an old lady from a story about gold fish which would do any of her wishes and one day she wished to be a goddess of the world. She gets nothing at the end and comes back to her initial state.

I’ve got to remember that part, in order not to forget and get as much as I can and give back the same. Can we all have relationships without asking something back? It does not fit the situation I’m in right now. I am young and in blossom and I don’t think men will give me something more than a polite smile when my beauty will fade one day and I’ll still be single. Men as well as women try to get the best they can while they have youth or later they can still catch up with money. So why people blame young and beautiful girls for getting all the best men in the world? I think it is just a process called natural selection.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Best Love Story

In the nomination of best love story we can award probably one of the youngest guys I have ever dated. Konstantin. He was only two years older than me and was very tall and handsome. Don’t make it fool you, he had his own company at the age of 18. Young men don’t have experience but they have romance which women love. He brought me 14 red heart shaped balloons for our first Valentine’s Day. It was a beauty contest and I could see him from the stage among all people in the city hall. Sitting with his love balloons. It was one of the best gifts I have ever received. I even did not get upset I didn’t win the beauty pageant, but we spent a beautiful evening.

The next morning I had to go to school and he stayed. He lived on 24th floor and while I got out from the building and went to the street he did something very special. He knew I would look at the window and wave at him, so while I was going down he cut “I LOVE YOU” from a white paper and was putting it on the window. I melted right there. And there were many of that kind of moments. That is why I guess we were together much longer than with any of men I met so far. As one wise woman said - men come and go, but diamonds stay with us forever. There were left couple of them after we separated, including a lot of good memories.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas

Nothing yet. But I have been invited there by my another date. His type of job says executive management, I guess same kind of BS job where people do nothing and get paid more than engineer dealing with real problems. At this point I realized that less you work more you get paid. So I’m expecting some kind of corporate guy in nice cloth, nice car and busy with his Blackberry. Honestly not my type of men. He is at least good looking and was very nice over the phone and me being young and beautiful I am going with my friend there. Having been given how to spend the best vacation in Vegas I will try to use them all and come back all refreshed and satisfied with my trip.

Amazing, to me it seems like an oasis in the middle of desert. Until I have seen it. It would be totally unacceptable for a girl to travel too meet with a guy in my culture, but I’m here, in a different country and should play by the rules established here. Have to say that being a sugarbabe is not an easy job. Great shows, musicals and best restaurants- who does not want it all? I don’t know what excites me more: my new date or my trip to Vegas. But it’s definitely something that I love to do.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why Do Men Lie

All of us lie. Deliberately, unintentionally, for good, for bad some time in a lifetime we all lie. Just thinking which one is better- many small or one big lie? Neither of them is good, but I personally agree that a lie for good that can save lives is worth and should be done considering the situation. I don’t know was it good or not, but my friend got into a net called marriage in one of those for “good” called lies. She met a man that was smart enough to tell he that he was 39 while he was almost 46 just to date her. My poor friend thought he was just not in a good shape and believed him. Three months later they got married, six months after she found out the truth, but it was too late. Let me tell you, my friend is 26 years young, turning 27. Still young.

So I met the guy and didn’t like him. People think of me as a divorce attorney who wants everybody get divorced. But hey, I don’t get any profit out of it! I am just trying to help people. I just don’t like when people lie to me and if I see someone else lying it makes me upset. And in this case I would understand my friend, but she even doesn’t love him. Feeling secure? No! He doesn’t have a house, even a car. It’s hard to imagine a person in America not having a car. There is even a saying about American people living in their cars. Do you think she would not date and marry him if she knew his real age? I don’t think so. It’s natural- people age and as the time passes they are given certain number. I can’t recall my last big or small lie, but I definitely have one. The only thing I hope my next date will not lie to me about having HIV.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Would I Ever Date A Woman

My last trip to jewelry store brought me some intriguing acquaintances. A middle aged woman approached me, she was very well dressed and very beautiful. “You want that ring dear?”, she asked as coming my way. I was immediately on a “be careful” mode and since I saw she wasn’t an employee there and obviously not my mom or friend her tone and question distracted me. She gave me couple of compliments about my looks saying it was unusual to meet an Asian girl in this state. An invitation for cup of coffee, business card and hint about that ring being mine was a bit overwhelming. It was obvious she wanted me to spend the night or two with her in her place.

Crazy idea came to me, I wanted to experience how it is being with woman, especially if she is a sugarmomma. Not the compensation but the excitement of being kissed by woman was intriguing me. I wished the only thing- she was a man, especially since my sugar daddy left me for work in Saudi Arabia.

I wanted someone to take care of me and Rose was so nice to me and called me next day inviting to a pool party. I have to admit she was very strong and possessive woman. All of her friends were nice and friendly to me, but I was feeling the eyes telling “Look what Rose found now. Poor child, she needs some upgrade and furs”. And I really felt like a soaked bird, losing it’s furs.

I suppose I could expect new furs and golden cage. But I realized with the first touch she gave me- not me, but my body reacted and I was covered with goose pumps. I really like men. No I love men and prefer being loved by men only. Another proof that opposites do attract.

Friday, October 3, 2008

What Do Men Want

Have you ever seen a great movie and great play of Mel Gibson in “What do women want”? I ask the same question myself thinking about men. What do they really want? Usually they want things contrary to what they verbalize. It gets harder when they don’t verbalize at all. Would it be right to say you can expect all kinds of surprises from that kind of person. And those surprises are not always a box with beautiful pearls or vacation ticket to Hawaii.

Our relationship was going pretty well when I saw him online, and definitely not working for some charity organization. He was rather looking for someone else. I was mad. He was fooling me for couple of weeks telling he just working and “that” thing is always on. The moment of truth eventually came to our table as well and there was not way for him to come out from it. So he said I was pushing him too much and he still wants to take his time. Then tell me that! Tell me what you want, and our interests might match. Well, if not in everything but in most things it works. I still do not believe that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Men are from Earth and women are from earth too, we even share same DNA, walk on two feet and pretty much look alike.

So what does make us so different? Hormones, society that expects us to behave certain way or politicians? Usually it’s hard to combine everything in one when it comes to the relationships. If your boyfriend is handsome and young, then he is dumb or poor, if rich and smart, then he is old and ugly and many other variations in local stores. So pick whatever you like. But what we, women have to do once we find that all together man to keep him by our side. What do that men want?