Monday, October 20, 2008

Do Men Like Independent Women?

I hear a lot from men that they like independent women, they respect them and would prefer an independent woman as their partner. I don’t like the word “partner” when it is used toward the loved one, especially lady. I imagine a tough business woman in the suit, without any emotions and cold as ice. She will do anything to get what she wants. Is that what you want, men?

I don’t think so. I do believe men still have that need and desire to care and provide for his woman. He was a collector, hunter, fisher, etc; that is why I see so many pictures of men next to their catch and trophy. Everybody is tired of those pictures, just women and particularly men forget that they want to demonstrate that they can provide for his woman by those type of pictures. So it seems contradictory to tell that you want an independent woman while your pictures are sending different message. There are some levels of independency that men would appreciate and respect, just women overdid when they were fighting for gender rights. Men feel needed and proud of themselves when they can take care of their women, so I think
total independence of women is not always the best thing for both of us.


GirlForMe said...

Total cold independence is most probably not good for either party. However, some independence will be good to keep the sanity. I know a marriage where wife was totally reliant on the husband for emotional support. This marriage is now in big trouble because the husband feels cornered, trapped. His wife has no friends beside him and he has lost all his friends because of this. said...

you're right. i've always been an extremely independent girl. from the time i was 10 i remember always wanting to do things for myself. and i believe that is why i've had my fair share of various short term relationships. men are more insecure than women in relationships, and when they feel they can't take care of your needs, they freak out and find needier girls. the funny thing is, as independent as i am in the outside world, behind closed doors and in the bedroom i love it when men dominate me. so if guys would just loosen up and "man up" to us dominant women, they would be very surprised.

Anonymous said...

Free advice to the ladies: Take a minute to think about when you or most of your friends are at their most "strong and independent" stages. Usually it is after a break up or some other emotional issue related to a man...while fronting about this and that, truth is, usually it is merely overcompensation for getting dumped or something. Guys like me know this, submit a little to build you up even more, then BAM we have you in a spot worse than you were before. Hate me now, but thank me later, you know its true. First be yourself, then be confident in yourself, then be prepared to find yourself in a happy relationship. Later!