Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why To Be Single

Why? So when the right guy comes along you could jump and say that you’re single. One of my friends gave me the best ever advice anybody has ever given me. He told me I have to leave the man I’m seeing now, as long as you dating someone you are far away from finding the right person for you. At the same time I know many men who stay with their not the best halves just for convenience. Don’t we all?

It has been hard and single for me to part with my last bf as I didn’t have anything against him, just he wasn’t the right guy, or how they call Mr. Right. I started acting as my friend told me. When you are single you have more time for yourself and your personal needs. Also you are spiritually ready to meet new person and full of energy to get to know him.

Monday, January 26, 2009

How To Be Single And Independent

Sometimes it’s hard for women to be single and at the same time independent. If you look many women depend on their parents, grandparents, later in life on their boy friends and husbands. Is it the society that makes it so difficult for woman to be independent or it’s in our genes that we are weak and always need to be protected. We just missed our chance for the first time in American history for a woman to be head of the country. Not strong enough? Not smart enough? Well, I don’t think so. Whatever is done is done, and even this inauguration was very special as first half black became a president.

I always doubt whether to be independent my own hard way or just find my fortune with a rich man and fly away to Hawaii. The second choice sounds more easier and sweeter but it excludes my goal to be independent. For some women who doesn’t know any other methods of making money rather than marrying some millionaire and then divorcing him there wouldn’t be other options. Not for me. I want to find a millionaire or just an average rich guy who will send me to the best university, maybe in Hawaii and then marry me. So I will benefit in any situation. I will have a good career that will bring me good money and if I divorce him I’ll have half of whatever he owns. Not a bad plan, isn’t it? Now let me see which one of four men I am getting to know now is the best candidate.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Single And Available

Yet. However four men I’m dating now wouldn’t agree with me. Each of them thinks he is the only man in my life. Honestly I didn’t plan this situation. It just happened. I found new one before I got rid of old one. So… they kind of piling up. So far four only. But hey, when I walk down the street all men hope that I’m single and available. What can I do? I just don’t want to hurt their little hearts. Oh, about little hearts. I’m expecting big gifts for Valentine’s day.

I was driving to the mall today to do my regular shopatherapy and saw such a handsome man behind his wheel, but I didn’t care he was driving Honda (as usually I don’t bother looking at those men) and slowed down so he sees me. Since it was quite chilly my windows were down so were his. For a second I saw him looking at me and smiling. Then I saw him talking. I almost crushed at the lady in front of me. I wanted to respond to cute mysterious man. Next minute I saw him still talking. I was confused. What’s going on? He was looking at me and talking then he wasn’t looking at me any longer but still was talking. Is he weirdo? No, he doesn’t look like one.

I parked and waited by the vending machines pretending I was buying a soda. While my real mission by the vending machines was to wait for him and give him a real chance to talk to me. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw him coming. He was still talking, but now I could see the little Bluetooth on his right ear. Stupid. Why didn’t I think about that device earlier?! I let myself look like a dinosaur today! I hate when technology is ahead of me or when nobody informs me. Anyway, I’m still single when someone new and fresh comes along

Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama’s New Year Resolution- No Single Women By 2010

I know it’s not true and real, but hey, did anybody think about single women problem on a white house level? Ever? No! And I think it’ not fair. Creating good opportunities for dating and building new families would be the best use on our tax money, don’t you think so? The society would profit from that as well. In what sense? In the sense that when women are not single the productivity grows, less injuries on work places, more women quit smoking leading to less gum diseases and lung cancers.

I think all single women should come together and create a some kind of NPO to fight against single women in US as well as worldwide. The relation between women emancipation and the level of single women in US is interchangeable. Women being independent less need men or they work too hard and one day they wake up in their forties and nobody needs them anymore. Few hardworking women know that you can be independent and at the same time let the man know that you need him. That is the key to success with men, as they tend to get lost when they feel that a woman doesn’t need them.

So, we will all hope and pray for Obama and white house to work on that vital problem as it has increased drastically in the past few years. I suspect it was this whole economic crisis but what about the years before? So let’s work on that folks.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Football Season Again!

I always try to compromise. Especially if a man is nice to me. But last Saturday evening I had to spend watching football only because I’m so nice.
I just don’t like those bars full of noise and smoke. And whistling and yelling and the whole contingent around me. So I had to put up with that only because right before going there I made him go shopping to the mall with me.
And of course he bought some nice things for me. I guess I had to pay for those nice things. But the price was too high. Next time I would prefer to go shopping with my girl-friends (with his credit card) and he goes to his bars with his male friends.

I can deal with anything but not football. I just don’t understand that cruel game and refuse to watch it. Not that I’m too girly girl and sensitive, no, it’s just too boring. By the end of the game I said that if it was up to me I would give each player a personal ball so that they don’t have to crush each other over the ONLY ONE ball. It seemed like the whole bar turned over to me and looked at me in a silence as if I was blonde. I’m not blonde and I didn’t say that just because I thought it would make game more interesting, I just don’t like violence. Also I believe my bf misses down to earth pleasures and entertainment of simple folks but I’m waiting for the end of the season to go to operas and ballets again. Some cruise would be nice too.