Sunday, April 26, 2009

After a first date how long should a guy wait to call

There is nothing bad in showing your feelings and if a guy meets a girl and he likes her a lot he can call the next day. The only problem are girls. When a girl sees that a guy liked her on a first date and she knows he will call her within 48 hours she starts behaving differently. Men shouldn’t be so logical sometimes because as you’ve heard you can’t explain women by logic. If you wait too long, she might feel abandoned and find another interest, if you call too soon she might put you under her heel. Sometimes you just have to follow your heart and phone ethics or dating ethics.

Many men are too weak to call within that appropriate time and I had that experience. He called me after a week. He might have been choosing another dates or being busy in his basement, but I forgot about him. When he called he apologized and said he has been on a business trip and was busy working. He was a man, he took my honest response as a man. Funny, I felt he liked me a lot but only because he didn’t call me within 48 hours I forgot him and he was dropped into a garbage bin with his number. Later we became very good friends. And I do regret he didn’t call me sooner after our first date, as he is very nice man. But dating him after that insult would mean that I don’t respect myself. If you do not respect yourself, nobody will.

Women should never call a guy after a first date, no matter what. Period. Some women say, what if he is just shy or something happened to him? Well, shy- why do you need a looser who even can’t give a girl he liked a call?! Something happened, that’s too funny. Nothing has happened to him all these 30 or 30 something years and boom, right after your first date he happened to get into a minor car accident and now he is in the hospital thinking about you and can’t even call you. Ha! Again, respect yourself, women! If you want a man call you right after your first date, well make a good first impression. Dress beautifully, smell womanly and behave like a lady. He will not call you as soon as you leave, he will make a second date on the first date.

Friday, April 24, 2009

How much would you spend on your guy for a gift

Usually you hear many people say that it is the thought that counts. The situation gets complicated when your guy is very complicated. He might not be very complicated but since he has achieved a lot in his life and has seen a lot it gets harder to impress him. At the same time you cannot spend much. Why? Why if you love him dearly and ready to give him your world, why not spend reasonable amount.

Yes, it was much easier when you were 6 year olds and was invited to a birthday party. Your mom would buy some toy, wrap it and you are ready to go. If you think the principles haven’t changed much and all that boys need are toys. The market is full of different kinds of gadgets that will help your guy in everyday life. Entertainment is also a big chic. I was surprised there are sites that can find a gift for your guy based on his personality. You can personalize gifts, engrave them just for a little fee and some items come with that special.

You don’t have to get crazy on what to give your man for your anniversary, Valentine’s day or his birth day. Since my guy travels a lot for business I was thinking about giving him an electronic reader from Amazon, but then he has his blackberry and surfs the web anyway. Antiradar was another choice for about $200. Doesn’t matter how successful you are the law in US are equal for everybody, so my man speeds a lot and for the reason of him not being caught I wanted radar. I thought a bit, yes it is very useful and I might use it some time too but it’s not memorable.

I guess my first statement about the thought that counts was right. I stopped my choice on a key chain. It is very special key chain. It has an engraved message that you can see only when you open the chain for valet. Very secret and very special. And costs only around $30 but worth a million.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First Date Clothing

First impressions are essential. You will never be given a second chance to make the first impression. Writing from a woman’s perspective I have to admit that women take a lot of time getting ready for a date, especially for the first one. If you make a date and you are doing it like something in between your errands that’s not always a good idea. Dress to impress is a very favorite saying of mine. Clothes can tell a lot about your date’s personality. Sometimes I ask myself who will buy some ugly clothes in the stores, but eventually they get sold too.
Clothes for a first date for women should be very classy, stylish and sexy.

By sexy I do not mean vulgar clothes, just some people don’t know the difference. Dressing right is a whole art which most people do not master. Many women do need help in choosing their wardrobe, as they tend to buy too much of useless accessories and too few basic essentials. It would be hard for a woman to make a date right after work, as you won’t have enough time to get refreshed and have new make-up, clothes and energy. So success of a first date might be influenced by right timing.

Many people think that thinking of clothes to impress a person is very shallow, but hey, would you have a second date with a man dressed like a homeless? Well, he wouldn’t either. Nice clothes not brand and designer ones necessarily will make their work if your taste is classy and pretty reasonable. Warm colors will bring a positive aura from your date and bright will make him think in a wrong way, and too dark will bring skepticism as well as negativism. Before choosing clothes for your first date you might want to spend enough time in front of a mirror and think through how you will spend your first date. It’s important so you don’t feel uncomfortable with an office clothes on the beach if you might go for a walk on the beach after meal. And last but not least- use common sense and dress to impress your date right from the first time!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why are English accents so sexy

If you have seen the play by Shaw “Pygmalion” then you understand how fascinating the speech can be. Accent, manners, etiquette will take a young, beautiful girl further than actual knowledge of a subject. But today we are talking about how and why is English accent so sexy? Since English is not my first language and I have never lived in UK for a long time I don’t even try to perform one. Real English accent has been dramatically changed in all English colonies including US. Whatever has remained is still beautiful.

There has been many arguments about what language is the sexiest and love should be t spoken in those languages. Definitely all contestants are roman languages like English ( British), French, Italian or Portuguese (Take into consideration it wasn’t worldwide discussion, just in my office and it was pretty emotional disputes). Some people who were close to Hispanic culture were saying that it should be Portuguese, who spoke French were disputing in French and anyway majority came to conclusion that it should be English. Maybe because it was the only way to say their love.

People in US melt their ears when they hear British accent and make a person talk constantly under any excuses. I tried to figure out why this particular English accent is so sexy. It’s the way they roll the sounds, some consonants like “r” come out very nice and vowel “u” is specific only to British English speakers. In an effort to repeat those sounds similarly or at least a bit close I put some hazel nuts in the shells into my mouth and was trying to pronounce each word like English people do. While I was rollerblading with my hazel nuts I bumped into an Englishman in the park. He was walking his dog. Now I found my own Henry Higgins who will work on my phonetics.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sophisticated singles

Sophisticated singles is the category of people hardest to find a match. They are very picky, usually older and think too much. Yes, sometimes thinking too much can be a problem, especially in relationships. Artistic natured people are seen in most weird places and they always have their own message or how they usually call “mission”. As for looks, many designers and retail shops started calling their creations to be “sophisticated”. Yes, that sounds so skin deep and usually it is.

An average looking or just a pretty girl doesn’t need designer clothes to look sophisticated, if that’s what she wants. The classic style was, is and will be the same. Many singles go very creative adding some chic to those classy clothes. Even a little, bright, one toned scarf can add some life to your general outfit. It’s easy to recognize sophisticated single in the crowd: they are not participating but rather observing the crowd and the final results. Thin, long cigarette is a usual attribute of sophisticated singles.

Everybody should watch out when they go on a hunt. Their manners you cannot compete, knowledge you cannot doubt and charm you cannot resist will all conquer you on a first date. Even if you are conquered you shouldn’t show them that, just slight interest. Sophisticated people love challenge and if they are single and looking for a compatible match you better be classy, sweet and alert!

Friday, April 3, 2009

mistakes women make dating online

As an experienced online dater I want to share with my adventures, as well as mistakes I made and most women do. When you sign up for a dating site it’s very important to look through the members and most important to find out if you have to pay for the site. I wouldn’t even bother going to free dating sites as I’ve been there, done that and wouldn’t recommend to anybody else. At least for girls who are looking for real men. Who do you think go to free dating sites? Men who have no money , no stable job and are not serious.

Another mistake is CV. Nobody will read your CV. A nice profile, short and down to point information will bring more flow of men towards you than detailed and long CV. Men usually don’t read them, so you are being “skipped”. Men get scared of an enormous profile, talking too much and think how a woman will be when we meet? She will start talking and won’t shut her mouth. That’s the impression people get reading or not even reading a long, full of unnecessary information in the profile.

Many women still believe that man should make the first step, while many men are too shy to even contact a woman online. Actually, that’s the main reason many men go online to meet women- they are too shy in real life to start a conversation with women. The disadvantage of dating online you cannot see those innocent eyes looking at you asking to start a conversation, men even shy to put a pictures of themselves. So women should be proactive too, not just waiting for a fruit to ripe and fall into their mouth.

As a conclusion, I would say that many women make mistakes, just don’t be rude, passive and never give false information (except personal, for your own privacy).