Friday, April 3, 2009

mistakes women make dating online

As an experienced online dater I want to share with my adventures, as well as mistakes I made and most women do. When you sign up for a dating site it’s very important to look through the members and most important to find out if you have to pay for the site. I wouldn’t even bother going to free dating sites as I’ve been there, done that and wouldn’t recommend to anybody else. At least for girls who are looking for real men. Who do you think go to free dating sites? Men who have no money , no stable job and are not serious.

Another mistake is CV. Nobody will read your CV. A nice profile, short and down to point information will bring more flow of men towards you than detailed and long CV. Men usually don’t read them, so you are being “skipped”. Men get scared of an enormous profile, talking too much and think how a woman will be when we meet? She will start talking and won’t shut her mouth. That’s the impression people get reading or not even reading a long, full of unnecessary information in the profile.

Many women still believe that man should make the first step, while many men are too shy to even contact a woman online. Actually, that’s the main reason many men go online to meet women- they are too shy in real life to start a conversation with women. The disadvantage of dating online you cannot see those innocent eyes looking at you asking to start a conversation, men even shy to put a pictures of themselves. So women should be proactive too, not just waiting for a fruit to ripe and fall into their mouth.

As a conclusion, I would say that many women make mistakes, just don’t be rude, passive and never give false information (except personal, for your own privacy).

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