Monday, November 23, 2009

Humor or looks?

Usually when he is a good looking guy then he is dumb or arrogant. If a guy is outgoing and humorous and nice then he is usually not so good looking. And in most cases they do not come together. Same as men say about women. They want looks and smarts at the same time.
Personality is a very powerful thing, it can melt any icy hard heart. Looks do it too, but only temporary. However first charming effect can be lethal for some poor loving women (or men). I’ve met and dated many men so far, and according to my humble opinion men with personalities burn longer and probability of staying married to such guys is about 90%. Unless you decide to cheat on him. Even though the evening with handsome man can be beautiful, with a nice man it will be gorgeous. I try to make friends with good looking men and be close with middle looks men. Just because I like stability.

When talking about humor I like medium spiced humor. If a man makes you laugh, what else can be better? If a man makes you laugh all the time watch out for some behavioral abnormalities. Maybe I’m wrong, but hey, he has to be serious sometimes too. Good sense of humor is essential, I have only male friends as many girls I’ve met doesn’t seem to get my humor. Their world is narrow by salons, new ways to fold clothes and snotty kids. But simplest jokes still work on them. As for a guy I am seeing and he doesn’t get some of my political jokes about Chavez or Rice, my disappointment doesn’t have borders. Most likely I will not see him again. You can’t just look at the picture all the time, right? Same with food, would you get fool if you keep looking at the pictures of food? No. Same men. Humor, smarts and personality win on the long run anyway

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My husband wants to learn Russian

Knowing my language was never a prerequisite for men I dated. None of them knew my native language or a couple of other languages I am fluent in. I had a boyfriend before I met my husband that wanted to learn my mother tongue. I must admit I was touched. Only because of his efforts and couple sentences he learnt I was deeply in love with him. You never know what will touch the heart of a woman. My husband wants to learn Russian now. I speak Russian and I learnt it myself but I don’t consider that language my mother tongue so if my man speaks it I wont have a butterflies in my stomach. We were driving and listening to his Russian CD which was honestly annoying as the same sentence was repeated 3-5 times. It was loud too.

I don’t know if I want to teach my husband the language. I don’t have neither patience nor time. We don’t get to spend a lot of time together as a couple and it would be unfair to spend all the time teaching and learning some third language he will never master. The reason he wants to learn Russian is not visiting Russia any time soon, he just thinks it might be useful and wants to show off extra time. I get irritated when he cannot pronounce some difficult words. Phonetics is our challenge at the moment, we don’t even plan to go deeper into grammar or reading. I wanted to learn Spanish myself but because I have so much to do at home and work, plus school full-time I had to give up the idea of having such a hobby.

Men are different. My husband is exceptionally different. He is very stubborn and if he has a goal he will surely reach it. He doesn’t want to learn my language, he says nobody speaks it in US and thus it is useless. He is not romantic at all and I don’t expect him to learn my language just to make me feel special, he is not capable of that. He is very selfish and wants to learn Russian just for his own benefit and I am an opportunity he wants to use free of charge. I have never asked my Latino boyfriends to teach me Spanish, I couldn’t take advantage of people so easily. The most I did was listen to Hispanic music and dances in the clubs.

Friday, November 6, 2009

My Doctor Is So Handsome

My daughter had a toothache last night and we waited till morning to go to a doctor to see what was going on. Next day when we went to dentist we were told she had a new tooth growing and it is painful sometimes. Couple of days later I started having an ache in my jaw. I went to the same dentist and was referred to a maxi facial surgeons, I had a wisdom tooth coming out and it was unbearably painful so I had to get it pulled out. As a result my daughter and I ended up in the office of two young and handsome doctors who helped both of us. However they didn’t take money from me. One of them asked me if he can call me. Hmm, my doctor is asking me out? Well, that’s interesting.

When we were at the restaurant he ordered a bottle of wine and said it will help me with the loss of my tooth. I never drink over my losses, I would be a big alcoholic by now. Anyway, I liked his humor a lot. The biggest thing that women like in men is their capability to make them laugh and my doctor was big in that. Other than that he was very handsome. Tall, black eyebrows, eyelashes that were also black and long and eyes very deep and dark black. Maybe he never got out of his office but he was pale, even I had more tan than him.

It’s very hard for a woman when her doctor and lawyer are handsome, she can never tell the truth. You can’t tell your young and handsome doctor that you are having bad breath or your handsome lawyer that you want to sue your ex husband for a big sum of money. Wine made me cheerful and the atmosphere in the restaurant became more and more cozy. All the time we were dating I was secretly going to another dentist for cleaning and little treatments. Although the benefit was big I went back to him as a patient only after we broke up as a boyfriend and girlfriend.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Who should sleep on the couch after an argument

There is a secret to a strong family and it starts when you say “Yes, I do!”. Do you remember the words in good and bad? Well, when you quarrel it is bad, so you stay together even then. Once there is a habit of one of you to sleep on the couch it will be every time when you argue. What if one day he decides to sleep in his friend’s house, relatives place and maybe even ex’s apartment. What’s then? One of the spouses sleeping on the couch means depriving his/her sexual life and how can you sleep in one bed after that with the same person? Being together, in one bed is a hard after argument but it is only couple hours of sleep.

My mom always used to tell me to be with your man no matter what happens and arguments were there too. I do have a couple jokes about sleeping outside of the bed in case of arguments with my husband. He desperately wants a dog and when I told him I will never let a dog in my bed and in my kitchen he got all upset and said they will live in the tent in the backyard, so I joke about him sleeping in the backyard when we argue and not even couch. It’s still a joke and I would never let even my husband to sleep in the backyard after argument.

However I had an interesting case while I was traveling and lived with my friends for a month in Europe. They were married for less than two years and still had some unresolved issues. One night I see my girlfriend coming out and trying to sleep in my room. Imagine my surprise about their argument and she was the one to walk out and volunteer to sleep in the couch. I didn’t know what to do and honestly don’t like any other woman sleeping with me. So we spoke and I explained to her why it is so important for both of them not to sleep on the couch. After we had a cup of tea and talked about our friends, adventures and many other girls talk we both went to sleep and there was another beautiful day.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Humor or looks?

Usually when you good looking guy then he is dumb or arrogant. If a guy outgoing and humorous and nice then he is usually not so good looking. And in most cases they do not come together. Same as men say about women. They want looks and smarts at the same time.
Personality is a very powerful thing, it can melt any icy hard heart. Looks do it too, but only temporary. However first charming effect can be lethal for some poor loving women (or men). I’ve met and dated many men so far, and according to my humble opinion men with personalities burn longer and probability of staying married to such guys is about 90%. Unless you decide to cheat on him. Even though the evening with handsome man can be beautiful, with a nice man it will be gorgeous. I try to make friends with good looking men and be close with middle looks men. Just because I like stability.

When talking about humor I like medium spiced humor. If a man makes you laugh, what else can be better? If a man makes you laugh all the time watch out for some behavioral abnormalities. Maybe I’m wrong, but hey, he has to be serious sometimes too. Good sense of humor is essential, I have only male friends as many girls I’ve met doesn’t seem to get my humor. Their world is narrow by salons, new ways to fold clothes and snotty kids. But simplest jokes still work on them. As for a guy I am seeing and he doesn’t get some of my political jokes about Chavez or Rice, my disappointment doesn’t have borders. Most likely I will not see him again. You can’t just look at the picture all the time, right? Same with food, would you get fool if you keep looking at the pictures of food? No. Same men. Humor, smarts and personality win on the long run anyway

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Would a tattoo be a make or break

First time I heard a tattoo can be a deal maker I thought how ridiculous it was. Then it happened that I met several people who were crazy about tattoos and it changed my opinion. Her name was Vanessa and she was a very big girl. When you have more body surface area you can fit more tattoos. She definitely was taking advantage of her sizes. She even had tattoo on her breasts, they were huge. Every tattoo had it’s own story and reason. The man she met had numerous tattoos as well. I thought a lot about two of them sitting on a Saturday night and describing their tattoos or their first date, it must have been full of little stories. They are having a baby on the way, and I don’t know about their intentions whether to tattoo the baby.

If you have been to “The Bodies” exhibition at the end they explain what happens to your lungs when you smoke and have a real lung of a smoker, the same they show with tattoos. Obviously the biggest organ in our body skin suffers with tattoos but I find it sad and funny when I see an older person with tattoos that are saggy and all wrinkled. That might be one of the reasons older people usually are not interested in tattoos.

The reasons I would never get a tattoo are: I think they are ugly; they are permanent; not feminine; and a major reason- only prisoners had tattoos at the beginning, it’s just teens and other easy influential people followed them. If a man I met had tattoos most likely it would be deal breaker. Even if you get them removed they leave scars and shadow of their shape. Many would argue that it might have been a mistake of youth and the person has changed and matured since that time but it is a tattoo itself that is turn off. I had two cases of men revealing their tattoos to me and the relationship would stop the next minute. So for me the tattoo would be a break, forget and never make.

Friday, October 2, 2009

A night to forget

As many of my readers (if I have any) have noticed by now that I have a lot of nights to remember and also many nights to forget. I don’t know if other people experience the same feelings about things to remember and forget. Unfortunately we cannot select our memories to be kept in our brain, some stay in our heart and causes it to contract every time they are remembered.

They say that time is the best healer, however I have found even better substitution- I used to get a new boyfriend if an old one hurts me. That technique doesn’t seem to work with husbands as most of them are permanent. Ok, my first one wasn’t but I thought he was. It’s time to stop and smell the roses, clean the house, make kids, go to work, you know, all the things normal people do. I would say normal married couples do. We are out of the list then.
I still have something to talk about- the night to forget. Isn’t how I called this little page from my life today? There were many nights to forget when I was single because I was alone and nobody wants to be alone, go to bed alone, wake up alone. At least me. I never had problem finding men or I just forget the nights I was alone. My husband is not much a trouble at night as he falls asleep before he hit’s the pillow. I am the one who tosses around, needs some water, goes to the bathroom, then watches some TV and by the time I feel sleepy the dawn comes through windows. I am a big believer that you shouldn’t go to bed with an issue in your heart. I might even say that it can be a secret of happy marriage. So yes, we had an argument and he fell asleep immediately. I cleaned the kitchen, organized every shelve. Feeling too much stress and anger I went to the gym at 2 am.

I needed to talk to somebody and usually everybody but my husband listens to me at any time. He used to call me even after I got married and kept telling me how much he loves me and wants to be my friend. I don’t want to be his friend, it’s too much of a temptation. I had my weak moment that night. I called him myself, we talked for an hour and then he said he wanted to see me and comfort me. I knew that it was wrong that I was in his car and the whole way I was thinking about that. He knew that I wasn’t coming back to him as I loved my husband. I don’t know why I did such a terrible thing that night. Definitely a night to forget and my husband played a big role in it as he was the one to push me away into other man’s arms.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My husband is slowly losing his sex appeal

First of all what is that sex appeal? If you all think that it’s being tall, dark and handsome you are wrong. My girlfriend is attracted to bold and older guys, at least that’s what her husband looks like. She loves him and he has a sex appeal for her. So, besides being Russell Crow and Brad Pitt who have enough sex appeal to charm women all over the world the ugly and bold guy also possess some kind of sex appeal? I definitely know that I’m not attracted to bold guys thus my husband has too much of night dark black hair and very healthy teeth. I have noticed however that he gained a lot of weight after we met. I was going through our pictures and the ones that are from the beginning of our relationships show him slim and tall. Now he seems even shorter because he gained so much.

I think my husband is slowly losing his sex appeal. I’m not that excited to see him after work anymore. I know that he is waiting for me at home with a bottle of beer in one hand and remote control in another but it doesn’t appeal to me anymore. He works out almost every day but still doesn’t fit in his pats from last year. He is not interested in modern stuff and new inventions of the world, he keeps living in the past by going to the same restaurant and listening to the same old music. It was all new to me at the beginning and him dressed in old fashioned way was sexy to me. Not anymore. My husband is letting himself go, it is sad and ironic as I’m losing weight and getting toned up every day.

Last night I decided to surprise him by wearing some sexy lingerie. He gave me a lot of compliments but as soon as he saw his belly he got all down and repeated a 986th time that he has got to lose weight. In my mind he is losing his sex appeal. I am definitely not going to tell him but he has to do something before I decide to leave him forever. I would say that sex appeal is not the most important thing for me in a my man but it definitely plays a big role in anybody’s intimate life.

Friday, September 4, 2009

My Husband Is A Big Flirt

I always loved well mannered men. Always smile, let women go first, let the woman take the best seat in the restaurant. Until I discovered that some women take it personally. If a strange man is polite with women they automatically assume that he is single. Next thing you know is that women assume that he likes them and they start to flirt. And then men start flirting too. The fact that my husband is very polite with women makes me angry sometimes. It goes beyond the borders of politeness. Is it a flirt?

When he would be sarcastic with some women I thought it was sarcasm, when he would help women with their chairs I thought it was chivalry and serving drinks considered one big hospitality. Until I discovered my husband just was one big flirt. He did all these little tricks just to get attention of all women. And he succeeded in that. Even his ex-s ask him for help and when he makes a very serious face talking over the phone I know he will be smiling and lifting his eyebrows constantly when he will see them. Just because he is talking to a woman and he is a big flirt.

I don’t know how to tell him that it upsets me and if I confront him he will also think I’m being jealous. So in order not to end up in a very uncomfortable situation I decided to do the same. Every time we used to gather with his or my friends I started being extremely polite with other males in the company. I started asking them how they were doing all this time and how good they looked. It seemed like none of my husband’s ears moved during the whole evening while I was flirting with men around and being so sweet and polite with everybody but when we got home he made a comment about me being flirtatious. Again, I didn’t want to lay a shadow of jealousy over myself so I just said “Oh, I didn’t think I was flirting, I was just being polite”.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I can't Count On My Husband For Anything

My husband is a great lawyer but terrible in anything else. I cannot count on him for anything except him being good at work. He tries to make surprises for me once in a while but the consequences of those surprises usually involve dirt in the house, breaking my dishes and burning my favorite clothes. At the end of the day I’m still happy as I know he has good intentions. House disasters are nothing compared to the favors I ask him to do for me. He always forgets the most important things that I ask him to do. Although he never forgets to meet his friends for a couple of beers in the bars.

I counted on him to buy beautiful flowers and pick up the gift from the store that we bought at night. I left to help my friend with her daughter’s birthday party where my husband would arrive later. He comes later with two flowers and they are yellow. Both signs are bad for people who are superstitious. Thank god my friends weren’t, but I am. I almost hit him with those flowers. Or like another occasion when we went to the Chinese embassy he forgot my passport and then later forgot to send it by mail. As for sending, I got a parking ticket and he volunteered to deal with it and send the payment. Guess what! He didn’t do it and I got much bigger bill three months later.

I cannot count on him taking good care of the house plants. When I went to visit my parents they all died. My husband tends to lose his keys, credit cards and my pictures in his wallet but I don’t understand how could he lose my clothes on the way to dry-cleaners. As a result one coat, one pair of pants and two silk blouses never going to hang in my closet again. Forget about counting on my husband to pick me up from the airport, after work or anywhere else. He will either forget about it or come hours late. Why am I still with him? It’s a very good question I don’t know the answer to. He makes my life complete even though every day with him is survival.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I am a soap queen

If you think that I watch soap operas you are mistaken, I don’t like that imaginary lifestyle and all kind of silly situations the characters are encountered every day. I am a soap queen in a direct meaning of that word. I love soaps; all kind of soaps. My husband and I went to little private soap factory recently and I want to have one of my own. I love all natural products for bathing. Crèmes, shampoos, candles, essential oils and of course soaps. There are several brands that I am deeply in love with but my favorite is L’occitane, they have hundreds of products that are essential in my life.

Every soap is a piece of art. They are of all kinds of shapes, smells and color. My love for soaps started way before for men. Every man I have been in a relationships with will tell you that I am a soap queen. I even believe that my love for soaps helped me with my relationships with men. Why do you think men love women? Well, women are gentle, their skin is soft and they always smell good. My boyfriends couldn’t take off their faces from my hair, that how good it smelled. My husband always holds my hand and tells me how soft are my hands and kisses them very gently. If not for my love I wouldn’t be as beautiful as I am now. My men knew what to give me for Christmas and birth day. Soaps.

When I talk about soaps I cannot leave out my favorite smells. They are jasmine, green tea, olive, sandal, lavender, almond, Shea and immortelle.One of the most romantic evenings my husband and I spent so far was in the bath tub. Shea butter babble bath and a candle of rose was filling with aroma the water and air. As for our bodies I got that champagne from Provence we went recently and I didn’t know what I was getting drunk from- babble bath, rose or kisses on my shoulders. Champagne had nothing to do with that. So in case you want to add spice, aroma or romance to your relationships with men try to add some soap.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Would you ask your man how much he earns

Are you crazy?! Nobody asks a man how much he earns. He will think that you want his money (which is true but don’t make it that obvious). These kind of questions make a man alert and take his thoughts away from you to his bank account. As long as man is working hard it shouldn’t bother you how much he earns. There are some other ways to find out how much your man earns. I would never ask and never did, but there was a chance to find out when we were filling out some papers. And I did find out. You will get your chance too. But asking a man directly would be the last resource to satisfy your curiosity.

First of all, why do you have to know the size of his … salary? If it makes a difference whether you will continue dating him or not then it is better to find out at the beginning of a relationship. However, finding out that your man makes very good money after dating him for a while is a nice surprise too. If the reason is a pure curiosity then think about whether you would like to tell him how much you make. Let’s say the answer is “Yes” but still why would you want to know how much he earns. The bigger salary = bigger love?

Personally I don’t think it’s necessary to know how much your man earns as men can be different. A man earning over five hundred thousand a year might not even buy you flowers and wouldn’t mind you splitting the bill. On the other hand a man working as a contractor will shower you with gifts with all he earns. Does it really matters how much your man earns now? Before starting anything serious think if that man can give you all that he has and disregard his monthly or yearly income. Some men tend to like when a woman takes control of his salary and uses that for their fun times. But not all women like that as it involves a lot of paper work.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Husband Never Cooks For Me

My husband does not know how to cook. But he loves to eat. As anybody else. I love to cook and sometimes would appreciate if a man would cook especially for me. It is believed that if a man cooks it is much more delicious and special. Women put a lot of love when they cook but since they do it every day, sometime several times a day they forget the main ingredient (love), or lack that ingredient, so the food is tasty but not mesmerizing. When a man takes a knife in his hands to peel the potatoes or cut a tomatoes it’s a totally different story.

One of our friends advised us to take cooking classes together. He said it was fun for him and his wife to take those classes and they learnt a lot about each other and nutrition. So we went. My husband became a free clown. He does not need food if only you give him your attention. I guess it’s one of the disadvantages of being a single child. He needs a constant attention and public in that class was very friendly, mainly consisting of housewives. He would juggle for them with anything round found in the kitchen: apples, tomatoes, even onions. By the end of the class we had a project to do, which was consisting of one appetizer, one entrée and a desert. As you might have already guessed he didn’t help me at all. Well, he didn’t learn anything.

Saturday evening and he wants me to cook. Oh, that is too much! I cook every day and he even doesn’t help me, I work full time job as well. Why so much discrimination even in such a free country like America?! I just remembered that one of my boy friends would always cook for me and that thought made me even more angry. I stopped whatever I was doing and called him. I just wanted to know why he always used to cook for me and tell him that I do appreciate it now. I also wanted to tell him that my husband never cooks for me. He invited me over and said he will cook for me French dish. I had a great time and felt cared and loved again, however it was all in the past now.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Be A Gentleman And Let Me Have The Last Word

When an argument takes place most men don’t know the secret of winning over women. And I will reveal that secret now. However, many men don’t use it and still argue and try to make a woman different person or prove her that he is right. And it is all wrong as women will never forgive the loss, even if they know they are wrong. The importance of having the last word seems to funny at some times as they are just words and no matter what being said we can stay with our own point inside and nobody can change it.

Not only women but anybody will respond aggressively if they are not treated right. Having the last word is not the sign of winning the battle. A nice talk and coming together to the right conclusion will go further. It’s very hard though to concentrate on having a good conversation and solving a problem when you want to prove that you are right. Everybody wants to have a last word so the argument goes on and on. Still men forget about the secret of winning over the woman. It is not similar to the taming of the shrew, nothing like that. The guy in that romance was very tough on the shrew.

Most women are stubborn and won’t give away their beliefs easily. I have noticed that my husband found that secret to have a peace with me. He started letting me have the last word and I have nothing more to say. Me having the last does not mean that I’m the boss and I make all the decisions. We should make them together but as a woman and the person who takes care of the most things that have to do with the family and house and etc I believe I do deserve the right to be given the last word. At the same time we shouldn’t forget about respect and dignity. If a man being nice enough to give you the last word, give him the right to turn those words into action

Friday, July 3, 2009

Watching a Romance movie with my husband was a disaster!

I always knew that my husband wasn’t the biggest romantic man in the world but I had my high hopes to change it one day. I have organized many surprise “dates” for two of us. Whether it be in the theatre, park or museum all went well and we both enjoyed our time together. Although he didn’t bring me any of those surprises yet I know one day he will. Last Saturday we went to our favorite sushi place. The atmosphere and food presentation brought me into a romantic mood again. So I thought why don’t we watch a romantic movie. It would bring us even closer and strengthen our love.

The first romantic movie that came to my mind was “An Affair To Remember”. So on the way home we stopped at the local Blockbuster and rented that movie. My husband didn’t say anything and his face didn’t show a slight enthusiasm. I made some popcorn and soft drinks in case we get thirsty. As soon as the movie started his attention was absorbed by popcorn, so I took it away. Hey, you might call me by all the bad words but I’m working on my husband. I am making him a more romantic person. And better of course.

My husband never turns off his phone and keeps it in his pocket. While we were watching the movie his phone vibrated more than twenty times. Yes I was annoyed. But the bigger frustration was when he started typing and sending messages. It wasn’t nice at all. Then he was reading emails, then news and finally I yelled and took away his phone. I needed to go to the bathroom and when I came back he was watching baseball. What a disaster! What am I going to do with that? Why is he acting like this? Am I doing something wrong, maybe my husband will never like anything romantic and will never bring me flowers home?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Political view does it really matter?

When two people get together to live they don’t always consider the political view to be a deal breaker but when it comes to election days the surprise astonishes them. Men assume that woman will take his side and there is no need for her to verbalize her political views. The right for women to vote was given relatively recently, so women still doubt whether they should listen to their husbands. The difference in political views can be difficult in a family life, but at the end being a woman and being able to vote independently leaves you proud.

The recent elections were very intense and full of surprises. People were frustrated as they thought there was no choice. It would have been a woman for the first time or African American. Well, Obama is not quite African American as his mother was white Caucasian and Hillary is not quite a woman too. Ambitious, goal oriented and very strong personality. I don’t think she would have stayed married if she was a real woman. The game of elections of 2008 was very twisted and many women who were ready to finally vote for a strong and smart woman ended up with that Tina Fey, oh, sorry Sarah Palin. She not only ruined the reputation of women but the whole country in front of the world.

Knowing that Obama is smart and non corrupted young man it was his advantage as disadvantage too. Even the big experience of McCain couldn’t help him as somebody did enough job to spoil the whole campaign. So the debates of my man and me were between young but ambitious and old but experienced. All political TV shows and views of were watched 24/7 and still we couldn’t come to a common view as both of us are very stubborn people. Our relationship started to cool down as we started to hanging out with different people and we were trying to avoid each other just not to argue again. After elections were over we just took a little vacation and love was coming back.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm proud of my accomplishments

I was so proud when I learnt how to tie my shoe laces. That was one of my first accomplishments I was so proud of. Later, ability to read, play musical instruments, run on marathons and dance like John Travolta. Teenage years and years in university are the best times for political and social activity. I have joined many parties at that time, one was called “Freedom for colored people” and another “Let your wives work”. I was sent on business trips every so often. I was even elected to be the head of student government.

Seeing my friends get medals and certificates would make me envious. It was the best stimulus for me. Just the thought that somebody else is doing better in chemistry would keep me in the library more than a coffee. So a month later I would do better than many people in the class. When nobody is competing with me I loose my interest. The accomplishments are good only when somebody challenges me or I have a competitor. I would never date a guy whom girls don’t even mentioned. I challenged myself to get the best guy in the area and when he looked too busy to date it became even more interesting. Now he is mine and next to him another check mark.

Although I haven’t done much in this life, now when I’m sick and I might have a surgery I am proud of only one accomplishment in my life. It is having my child. It was one of the most pleasurable and hardest experiences that I had. You realize that miracles happen and the biggest one of them is the birth of a human child. So I have accomplished the biggest reason of life. The cycle of life is almost completed for me and it made me remember that many people are not able to complete that one biggest accomplishment of their life

Friday, May 8, 2009

Dating deal breakers

Dating can be very hard. Especially considering how men and women are so different. When a man and woman see another woman they usually think totally two different things. So opposites attract? Can two genders attract each other and at the same time have same goals? Might be, although experience shows that there are many deal breakers in dating. My friends would say it’s mother-in-law and my local friends have mentioned that it can be bad breath, past relationships, bad manners, bad tastes (in clothes, cologne, food, etc).

Sometimes it gets to the point when anything can be a deal breaker. Oh, that’s when it’s too late to be flexible and try to save the relationship. Unless you just started and there is no emotional ties to that person. I met a man online once and after I saw him in the restaurant I realized I didn’t like him.

Well, it was my mistake I agreed for dinner (I was working during the day), but then I wrote him an email saying that I didn’t feel that chemistry was there. It’s one of the most innocent ways to say “good-bye” without hurting the person. Many women prefer to part with a man if he has a bad taste in clothes instead of training him. I think the show “What not to wear” came to help those poor women and men to keep their relationships.

One thing however I wouldn’t tolerate is bad manners. It means a lot to me. I haven’t been raised in a castle with no means of royalty but I do have manners and can behave as a lady. Absence of manners, basic human as well as chivalry is the biggest deal breaker of all times. Any ideas ladies? Well, bring it up but don’t fool me with something like “He gives me flowers every day and I’m tired of it!”.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

After a first date how long should a guy wait to call

There is nothing bad in showing your feelings and if a guy meets a girl and he likes her a lot he can call the next day. The only problem are girls. When a girl sees that a guy liked her on a first date and she knows he will call her within 48 hours she starts behaving differently. Men shouldn’t be so logical sometimes because as you’ve heard you can’t explain women by logic. If you wait too long, she might feel abandoned and find another interest, if you call too soon she might put you under her heel. Sometimes you just have to follow your heart and phone ethics or dating ethics.

Many men are too weak to call within that appropriate time and I had that experience. He called me after a week. He might have been choosing another dates or being busy in his basement, but I forgot about him. When he called he apologized and said he has been on a business trip and was busy working. He was a man, he took my honest response as a man. Funny, I felt he liked me a lot but only because he didn’t call me within 48 hours I forgot him and he was dropped into a garbage bin with his number. Later we became very good friends. And I do regret he didn’t call me sooner after our first date, as he is very nice man. But dating him after that insult would mean that I don’t respect myself. If you do not respect yourself, nobody will.

Women should never call a guy after a first date, no matter what. Period. Some women say, what if he is just shy or something happened to him? Well, shy- why do you need a looser who even can’t give a girl he liked a call?! Something happened, that’s too funny. Nothing has happened to him all these 30 or 30 something years and boom, right after your first date he happened to get into a minor car accident and now he is in the hospital thinking about you and can’t even call you. Ha! Again, respect yourself, women! If you want a man call you right after your first date, well make a good first impression. Dress beautifully, smell womanly and behave like a lady. He will not call you as soon as you leave, he will make a second date on the first date.

Friday, April 24, 2009

How much would you spend on your guy for a gift

Usually you hear many people say that it is the thought that counts. The situation gets complicated when your guy is very complicated. He might not be very complicated but since he has achieved a lot in his life and has seen a lot it gets harder to impress him. At the same time you cannot spend much. Why? Why if you love him dearly and ready to give him your world, why not spend reasonable amount.

Yes, it was much easier when you were 6 year olds and was invited to a birthday party. Your mom would buy some toy, wrap it and you are ready to go. If you think the principles haven’t changed much and all that boys need are toys. The market is full of different kinds of gadgets that will help your guy in everyday life. Entertainment is also a big chic. I was surprised there are sites that can find a gift for your guy based on his personality. You can personalize gifts, engrave them just for a little fee and some items come with that special.

You don’t have to get crazy on what to give your man for your anniversary, Valentine’s day or his birth day. Since my guy travels a lot for business I was thinking about giving him an electronic reader from Amazon, but then he has his blackberry and surfs the web anyway. Antiradar was another choice for about $200. Doesn’t matter how successful you are the law in US are equal for everybody, so my man speeds a lot and for the reason of him not being caught I wanted radar. I thought a bit, yes it is very useful and I might use it some time too but it’s not memorable.

I guess my first statement about the thought that counts was right. I stopped my choice on a key chain. It is very special key chain. It has an engraved message that you can see only when you open the chain for valet. Very secret and very special. And costs only around $30 but worth a million.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First Date Clothing

First impressions are essential. You will never be given a second chance to make the first impression. Writing from a woman’s perspective I have to admit that women take a lot of time getting ready for a date, especially for the first one. If you make a date and you are doing it like something in between your errands that’s not always a good idea. Dress to impress is a very favorite saying of mine. Clothes can tell a lot about your date’s personality. Sometimes I ask myself who will buy some ugly clothes in the stores, but eventually they get sold too.
Clothes for a first date for women should be very classy, stylish and sexy.

By sexy I do not mean vulgar clothes, just some people don’t know the difference. Dressing right is a whole art which most people do not master. Many women do need help in choosing their wardrobe, as they tend to buy too much of useless accessories and too few basic essentials. It would be hard for a woman to make a date right after work, as you won’t have enough time to get refreshed and have new make-up, clothes and energy. So success of a first date might be influenced by right timing.

Many people think that thinking of clothes to impress a person is very shallow, but hey, would you have a second date with a man dressed like a homeless? Well, he wouldn’t either. Nice clothes not brand and designer ones necessarily will make their work if your taste is classy and pretty reasonable. Warm colors will bring a positive aura from your date and bright will make him think in a wrong way, and too dark will bring skepticism as well as negativism. Before choosing clothes for your first date you might want to spend enough time in front of a mirror and think through how you will spend your first date. It’s important so you don’t feel uncomfortable with an office clothes on the beach if you might go for a walk on the beach after meal. And last but not least- use common sense and dress to impress your date right from the first time!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why are English accents so sexy

If you have seen the play by Shaw “Pygmalion” then you understand how fascinating the speech can be. Accent, manners, etiquette will take a young, beautiful girl further than actual knowledge of a subject. But today we are talking about how and why is English accent so sexy? Since English is not my first language and I have never lived in UK for a long time I don’t even try to perform one. Real English accent has been dramatically changed in all English colonies including US. Whatever has remained is still beautiful.

There has been many arguments about what language is the sexiest and love should be t spoken in those languages. Definitely all contestants are roman languages like English ( British), French, Italian or Portuguese (Take into consideration it wasn’t worldwide discussion, just in my office and it was pretty emotional disputes). Some people who were close to Hispanic culture were saying that it should be Portuguese, who spoke French were disputing in French and anyway majority came to conclusion that it should be English. Maybe because it was the only way to say their love.

People in US melt their ears when they hear British accent and make a person talk constantly under any excuses. I tried to figure out why this particular English accent is so sexy. It’s the way they roll the sounds, some consonants like “r” come out very nice and vowel “u” is specific only to British English speakers. In an effort to repeat those sounds similarly or at least a bit close I put some hazel nuts in the shells into my mouth and was trying to pronounce each word like English people do. While I was rollerblading with my hazel nuts I bumped into an Englishman in the park. He was walking his dog. Now I found my own Henry Higgins who will work on my phonetics.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sophisticated singles

Sophisticated singles is the category of people hardest to find a match. They are very picky, usually older and think too much. Yes, sometimes thinking too much can be a problem, especially in relationships. Artistic natured people are seen in most weird places and they always have their own message or how they usually call “mission”. As for looks, many designers and retail shops started calling their creations to be “sophisticated”. Yes, that sounds so skin deep and usually it is.

An average looking or just a pretty girl doesn’t need designer clothes to look sophisticated, if that’s what she wants. The classic style was, is and will be the same. Many singles go very creative adding some chic to those classy clothes. Even a little, bright, one toned scarf can add some life to your general outfit. It’s easy to recognize sophisticated single in the crowd: they are not participating but rather observing the crowd and the final results. Thin, long cigarette is a usual attribute of sophisticated singles.

Everybody should watch out when they go on a hunt. Their manners you cannot compete, knowledge you cannot doubt and charm you cannot resist will all conquer you on a first date. Even if you are conquered you shouldn’t show them that, just slight interest. Sophisticated people love challenge and if they are single and looking for a compatible match you better be classy, sweet and alert!

Friday, April 3, 2009

mistakes women make dating online

As an experienced online dater I want to share with my adventures, as well as mistakes I made and most women do. When you sign up for a dating site it’s very important to look through the members and most important to find out if you have to pay for the site. I wouldn’t even bother going to free dating sites as I’ve been there, done that and wouldn’t recommend to anybody else. At least for girls who are looking for real men. Who do you think go to free dating sites? Men who have no money , no stable job and are not serious.

Another mistake is CV. Nobody will read your CV. A nice profile, short and down to point information will bring more flow of men towards you than detailed and long CV. Men usually don’t read them, so you are being “skipped”. Men get scared of an enormous profile, talking too much and think how a woman will be when we meet? She will start talking and won’t shut her mouth. That’s the impression people get reading or not even reading a long, full of unnecessary information in the profile.

Many women still believe that man should make the first step, while many men are too shy to even contact a woman online. Actually, that’s the main reason many men go online to meet women- they are too shy in real life to start a conversation with women. The disadvantage of dating online you cannot see those innocent eyes looking at you asking to start a conversation, men even shy to put a pictures of themselves. So women should be proactive too, not just waiting for a fruit to ripe and fall into their mouth.

As a conclusion, I would say that many women make mistakes, just don’t be rude, passive and never give false information (except personal, for your own privacy).

Friday, March 27, 2009

Traits of successful people

Are successful people different than ordinary Joe? If yes, in what way they differ? Many people don’t know but when you are interviewing a young man or woman you can tell whether they are determined to be successful or not. The way they walk, talk and sit are all nonverbal messages that tell that person is confident and knows his worth. Men and women tend to behave little bit differently when they are successful.

Successful men are noble, generous and have traveled the world by the age of 30. You have to consider when dating them the way they got to that success.
It might be harder than it looks but the number of wrinkles on his face will tell the truth. Even those wrinkles make him look noble. Look at George Clooney, he is getting more and more handsome every year. Secret? Becoming more and more successful. Successful people are goal focused, hard-working and at the end they do get what they want. They don’t act the success to come to them, they go and get it.

The places where you can find most successful people would be world’s metropolitans as they attract all kinds of people as well as successful ones. If I were looking for a successful date I would go to the best restaurants, clubs (including golf) and a dating site where you have to pay reasonable amount.

Remember, cheap people never go to those places.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What Is A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Many people don’t know what is a mutually beneficial relationship. They keep asking themselves if they are in a beneficial relationship. At least for one party. One of the differences of mutually beneficial relationships is that both parties are interested in having this kind of relationship. Men benefit from having a cutie-beauty on their arms and women from men’s social and financial status. Funny to mention, but time proved observation shows that mutually beneficial relationships are the most stable and strongest. Why? Just because both of them are interested. It is also one of the most honest and open relationships.

Mutually beneficial relationship can be the best experience man or woman can ever have. Nice company on long and short trips, envious eyes every place a couple goes and best service given when they see a respectable man with a model type girl. For a rich and hardworking man a company of a beautiful woman can be the most relaxing. Many younger women like spending time with older men as they come across to be smart, rich and more understanding. What a young woman can learn or take from a you man? Nothing except arguments, silly jokes and many uncomfortable situations.

As a name says benefits work both ways. Some of men can be even married, as they lack that little excitement in their family life. Wife is busy with errands and kids, but what about him? He needs an attention, ears to listen and fun to share. So he looks for a younger woman. Usually nobody leave their wives. Younger woman or how it is officially called now “Sugarbabe” is available for him 24/7. She gives love, tender and excitement. That becomes her primary job even. Which man wouldn’t be happy to be in a such relationship and pay any price for it?!

Mentoring A Sugarbabe

Mentoring a sugarbabe can be hard or easy, it all depends which way you choose to treat her. As anybody else sugar babies tend to have good and bad days. Especially being a woman it’s hard to keep up with the rhythm of life. As a mentor, a man should understand and be fully respected as a sugarbabe will not let a ordinary man mentor her. Social status plays a great role in mentoring as well as worth labeled in your bank account.

Many men are highly interested in mentoring younger beautiful girl. Why? It is beneficial both ways. He doesn’t mind taking care of a younger woman who will give him love, attention and pride. A Sugar babe, on the other hand loves being mentored as she wants that status and finer things she doesn’t have much access to. And mentor always can give her that.

While mentoring a younger girl it’s always better not to cross the borders. She is young, beautiful and free. Therefore she wants more than any other woman. As for the borders, the total control can ruin everything. Considering how much a mentor works, he wont keep her by him all the time, but anybody can say “Hey, I’m paying the bill and deserve to be respected”. Yes, you can say that, but will it bring any results? No. Taking a girl to nice places and getting her best things (not all she wants at the same time) at the same time not running after her will make any sugarbabe to be available to her mentor any time of the day. It’s just all about tactic.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Older Men Marrying Younger Women

When an older man decides to marry a younger woman it is even a bigger commitment than he would marry her in his in late twenties or thirties. You got to be realistic and think twice before doing that. Have you seen the movie “Intolerable Cruelty” with Catherine Zeta-Jones? Then you have to understand and making a decision is up to you. But it’s not always the case. Many young women do marry older men because of love, affection and many other unexplainable reasons, but many people believe it’s money.

Money, isn’t the prenuptial contract is for? Isn’t it to protect older men’s money? Again an example from the same movie. Husband tears up the contract during the wedding and no more contract. Hooray! But it’s only movie and even in the movie the husband was fake. Usually it doesn’t happen in real life. So most of the time older men are protected from their loved ones. Many people don’t understand neither older man nor younger woman when they get married. And as I mentioned earlier judging they say it’s money.

Yes, this marriage is based on a mutual benefits but it’s not all about that. Older man doesn’t have to be bald and ugly, as long as he has some numbers in the bank and here and there, it’s just fine. So real attraction is not excluded.
Besides, there are many young women who find older men much more attractive.

Why Did I First Think About Having A Sugar Daddy

It was summer of 1929... Of course no, it was just last year, 2008. I don’t know what was the weather like in summer 1929, but last year it was hottest it can be. I didn’t know where to hide from the heat and was thinking that I should pack and go some place where the weather must be lovely at that time of the year. But then I was facing another problems like lonesome, financial independence and boredom. Since I was an adventurer I could take off at any moment. I went online and joined a free dating site. I didn’t understand why they allow men under 21 there but was getting a lot of hits from teens who wanted a nanny to go to the movie in the evening with. Since their moms are at work. Anyway, I couldn’t stay there more than a week, I even met with someone from there. He came on a bike and parked it outside of the restaurant. But was coming out to look if it was there every half an hour.

So it was the end of free dating, I was thinking that I better pay a little money to meet a decent guy with manners and job. I couldn’t believe my luck when I met couple guys after I joined the site and realized that it was totally different level. It was like something you feel going on an international business class flights after experiencing domestic ones. Yes, champagne and caviar.
And high level assistance. Summer wasn’t hot and lonely anymore. I got to visit Alaska on a cruise and British Colombia as well.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Women’s Little Secrets

Every woman of age 18 and older knows how to manipulate men. Beauty, intimacy, company and tears can be dangerous weapons in emotional- impulsive hands. Many beautiful women know that they are adored and worshiped and use that as much as they can. They can get anything that they desire. Rich men, successful men, handsome men- they are all at beautiful woman’s service.

Company. Men cannot live without women even if they can’t coexist. Men have fun in men’s company, but nothing makes it more pleasurable and enjoyable than at least one woman around. Life does not go on without woman’s company in man’s life, there is no sunshine when she is not around. Women who know that use that as a weapon of manipulation to get whatever they want from men. Hmm … Yes, that works.

Tears, ah tears… Men afraid of tears as women of mice. Don’t know how to get a new brilliant stoned necklace you saw online and fell in love? Show it to your man and if he takes too much time thinking go on with this strategy. Tears accompanied with words like “You don’t love me”, “You say I can have anything that I want and here is something that I want” and etc. Something that will hit him right to his heart.

I left intimacy for the last because only inexperienced women use it when they want something. It is so wrong. If you do that stop right now. It will not bring anything good. He will leave you tomorrow. You will just lower your price and show that you have nothing else that that. Remember, there are many young and beautiful women, but only one Prince Charming.

Friday, February 13, 2009

How Young Women Survive In This Economy

You would think the contemporary economy is not affecting young women, but you would be mistaken. I already got tired of my boyfriend complaining how much money he has lost on a wall street. Finally I had to tell him that I have no money to lose so I’m not worried and I don’t give a thing about wall street. He kept quiet and then said that he wont be able to buy me nice clothes, shoes for $300 and frequent vacations to Vegas. Oh, you can’t imagine how much I regretted for saying that I don’t’ care about wall street. Now I cared more than anyone on Wall street itself.

I was already planning my next shopping trip to the mall. I just realized I have nothing on my savings account and honestly I don’t even have a savings account. The idea of working on my own scares me, as I will not have time to have vacation whenever I want. I cannot tell my boyfriend to buy me another Tiffany ring or key chain. Too bad. Of course economy is affecting young women, especially the ones who had their rich boyfriends involved in all this economic crisis.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beauty And The Beast

There are more beauties than beasts nowadays. All possible beasts are taken and there are only Prince Charming left. Who is better- Beast or Prince Charming? Isn’t that the same person? Ok, let’s look at it realistically. Beast will stay beast, and there is something behind this story. Women don’t like nice men, they crave beasts, adventures and they want to be afraid of their men so they can respect them. What is Prince Charming? He is just a nice guy next door. But Beast… He is the character and he is real man. Most of women prefer their beasts stay beast and never turn into prince.

There are many reasons for such a ridiculous woman nature but there is nothing we can do. Men say they have trouble understanding women, I’m sure women themselves don’t understand and don’t know what they really want. But one of the reasons women want their beasts stay beast is that they want to be beautiful all the time. Remember, women love changes in themselves- hair, style, nails, cars but their men should stay man all of the times. The beast has beautiful castle, servants, acres of land and garden where the red flower grows. What else a woman would want?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What To Do If Your Man Smokes

Have you ever kissed a man? What about a man who smokes? Not a pleasant feeling, my face even got all wrinkly when I remembered that feeling. I knew a nicest person- caring, loving, always trying to help but he had only one vice. He used to smoke. Even when I made him brush his teeth, he would stink like a Mr. Stinky.

So what to do if your significant other smokes? Especially the one you would better give long and passionate kisses. The best solution would be to leave him for good of course, but if you have at least little love for him you should try this first.

1. Start smoking yourself. When you both smoke you don’t feel how other one stinks.
2. Try to find him a nice hobby. Man with a lot of money will be interested in many hobbies like traveling, skydiving, paragliding or breeding dogs.
3. Every time he takes out a cigarette and doesn’t smoke give him a kiss.
4. Fill he pockets up with little love notes, mints and something else that will distract him.
5. Visit the best restaurants. When a person stops smoking he suddenly tastes food, it seems more delicious.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Your Mr. Right Is My Mr. Left

Honestly it’s not hard to find men for relationship, it’s just hard to find the right one for particular relationship we are looking for. Women have changed a lot in the past 20 years. They are still women, but the roles and values are constantly changing. You would never think that any woman wants no strings attached relationship, everybody was looking for Mr. Right. Now there are more women looking for Mr. Right Now, rather than Mr. Right. So fast, no obligating relationships are right for some women. People constantly use and being used by others. Some even don’t think that way, it’s some kind of exchange relationships.

As I understand Mr. Right has many faces and can change depending on the demands of a particular woman. For me the perfect man is intelligent and kind, but he must be rich. For one of my girl friends he must be handsome and drive a sports car. But I don’t understand women who would love toothless, bald, old, ugly and broke men. It’s not a myth, I personally know one of them. So, does that mean that he is her Mr. Right or just a Mr. Right now? What for? To have some man experience? I always thought Mr. Right Now is tall, dark and handsome; for some fun nights and beneficial arrangements. The conclusion is that your Mr. Right is not necessarily my Mr. Right.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Do Women Lie About Their Age

Sometimes. Some. Some don’t. I met Elena on my friend’s kid’s birthday party. She was in a bright blue set of wide leg pants and blouse. She was also wearing turquoise necklace and earrings. Generally, was very tasteful. I asked my friend before we were introduced to each other who was that beautiful woman. Family friend or family friend’s girl friend, doesn’t matter.
I was intrigued, and didn’t hide it from my friend. She laughed and told me to wait until I see her close.

I almost jumped. That much I was surprised. Have you experienced the feeling when you see a mesmerizing painting and you try to see it closer, so you can enjoy more but it all blurs up and looks ugly. Well, I had the same feeling. She probably had at least 10 skin lifts, the make up was think as alabaster in my walls and eyes were covered with dye too vulgar. All of a sudden I started thinking what a vulgar woman. I didn’t know why, maybe because she was going against the nature, trying to hide how she was aging. Here I am in my twenties and I’m single and here is this lady god knows how old, but she has definitely younger cavalier.

The most disappointing part of this story is that she lies about her age, she tells people she is in her thirties, even her gentleman doesn’t know her real age. Is he so easily fooled or he wants to be fooled? She definitely looks much younger when she is some reasonable distance away but the lie is so obvious. I start understanding many men who say that many women they meet online put younger age and then some madam shows up. Interesting. Would I do the same if I stay single until I’m 40?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why To Be Single

Why? So when the right guy comes along you could jump and say that you’re single. One of my friends gave me the best ever advice anybody has ever given me. He told me I have to leave the man I’m seeing now, as long as you dating someone you are far away from finding the right person for you. At the same time I know many men who stay with their not the best halves just for convenience. Don’t we all?

It has been hard and single for me to part with my last bf as I didn’t have anything against him, just he wasn’t the right guy, or how they call Mr. Right. I started acting as my friend told me. When you are single you have more time for yourself and your personal needs. Also you are spiritually ready to meet new person and full of energy to get to know him.

Monday, January 26, 2009

How To Be Single And Independent

Sometimes it’s hard for women to be single and at the same time independent. If you look many women depend on their parents, grandparents, later in life on their boy friends and husbands. Is it the society that makes it so difficult for woman to be independent or it’s in our genes that we are weak and always need to be protected. We just missed our chance for the first time in American history for a woman to be head of the country. Not strong enough? Not smart enough? Well, I don’t think so. Whatever is done is done, and even this inauguration was very special as first half black became a president.

I always doubt whether to be independent my own hard way or just find my fortune with a rich man and fly away to Hawaii. The second choice sounds more easier and sweeter but it excludes my goal to be independent. For some women who doesn’t know any other methods of making money rather than marrying some millionaire and then divorcing him there wouldn’t be other options. Not for me. I want to find a millionaire or just an average rich guy who will send me to the best university, maybe in Hawaii and then marry me. So I will benefit in any situation. I will have a good career that will bring me good money and if I divorce him I’ll have half of whatever he owns. Not a bad plan, isn’t it? Now let me see which one of four men I am getting to know now is the best candidate.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Single And Available

Yet. However four men I’m dating now wouldn’t agree with me. Each of them thinks he is the only man in my life. Honestly I didn’t plan this situation. It just happened. I found new one before I got rid of old one. So… they kind of piling up. So far four only. But hey, when I walk down the street all men hope that I’m single and available. What can I do? I just don’t want to hurt their little hearts. Oh, about little hearts. I’m expecting big gifts for Valentine’s day.

I was driving to the mall today to do my regular shopatherapy and saw such a handsome man behind his wheel, but I didn’t care he was driving Honda (as usually I don’t bother looking at those men) and slowed down so he sees me. Since it was quite chilly my windows were down so were his. For a second I saw him looking at me and smiling. Then I saw him talking. I almost crushed at the lady in front of me. I wanted to respond to cute mysterious man. Next minute I saw him still talking. I was confused. What’s going on? He was looking at me and talking then he wasn’t looking at me any longer but still was talking. Is he weirdo? No, he doesn’t look like one.

I parked and waited by the vending machines pretending I was buying a soda. While my real mission by the vending machines was to wait for him and give him a real chance to talk to me. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw him coming. He was still talking, but now I could see the little Bluetooth on his right ear. Stupid. Why didn’t I think about that device earlier?! I let myself look like a dinosaur today! I hate when technology is ahead of me or when nobody informs me. Anyway, I’m still single when someone new and fresh comes along

Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama’s New Year Resolution- No Single Women By 2010

I know it’s not true and real, but hey, did anybody think about single women problem on a white house level? Ever? No! And I think it’ not fair. Creating good opportunities for dating and building new families would be the best use on our tax money, don’t you think so? The society would profit from that as well. In what sense? In the sense that when women are not single the productivity grows, less injuries on work places, more women quit smoking leading to less gum diseases and lung cancers.

I think all single women should come together and create a some kind of NPO to fight against single women in US as well as worldwide. The relation between women emancipation and the level of single women in US is interchangeable. Women being independent less need men or they work too hard and one day they wake up in their forties and nobody needs them anymore. Few hardworking women know that you can be independent and at the same time let the man know that you need him. That is the key to success with men, as they tend to get lost when they feel that a woman doesn’t need them.

So, we will all hope and pray for Obama and white house to work on that vital problem as it has increased drastically in the past few years. I suspect it was this whole economic crisis but what about the years before? So let’s work on that folks.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Football Season Again!

I always try to compromise. Especially if a man is nice to me. But last Saturday evening I had to spend watching football only because I’m so nice.
I just don’t like those bars full of noise and smoke. And whistling and yelling and the whole contingent around me. So I had to put up with that only because right before going there I made him go shopping to the mall with me.
And of course he bought some nice things for me. I guess I had to pay for those nice things. But the price was too high. Next time I would prefer to go shopping with my girl-friends (with his credit card) and he goes to his bars with his male friends.

I can deal with anything but not football. I just don’t understand that cruel game and refuse to watch it. Not that I’m too girly girl and sensitive, no, it’s just too boring. By the end of the game I said that if it was up to me I would give each player a personal ball so that they don’t have to crush each other over the ONLY ONE ball. It seemed like the whole bar turned over to me and looked at me in a silence as if I was blonde. I’m not blonde and I didn’t say that just because I thought it would make game more interesting, I just don’t like violence. Also I believe my bf misses down to earth pleasures and entertainment of simple folks but I’m waiting for the end of the season to go to operas and ballets again. Some cruise would be nice too.