Thursday, September 3, 2009

I can't Count On My Husband For Anything

My husband is a great lawyer but terrible in anything else. I cannot count on him for anything except him being good at work. He tries to make surprises for me once in a while but the consequences of those surprises usually involve dirt in the house, breaking my dishes and burning my favorite clothes. At the end of the day I’m still happy as I know he has good intentions. House disasters are nothing compared to the favors I ask him to do for me. He always forgets the most important things that I ask him to do. Although he never forgets to meet his friends for a couple of beers in the bars.

I counted on him to buy beautiful flowers and pick up the gift from the store that we bought at night. I left to help my friend with her daughter’s birthday party where my husband would arrive later. He comes later with two flowers and they are yellow. Both signs are bad for people who are superstitious. Thank god my friends weren’t, but I am. I almost hit him with those flowers. Or like another occasion when we went to the Chinese embassy he forgot my passport and then later forgot to send it by mail. As for sending, I got a parking ticket and he volunteered to deal with it and send the payment. Guess what! He didn’t do it and I got much bigger bill three months later.

I cannot count on him taking good care of the house plants. When I went to visit my parents they all died. My husband tends to lose his keys, credit cards and my pictures in his wallet but I don’t understand how could he lose my clothes on the way to dry-cleaners. As a result one coat, one pair of pants and two silk blouses never going to hang in my closet again. Forget about counting on my husband to pick me up from the airport, after work or anywhere else. He will either forget about it or come hours late. Why am I still with him? It’s a very good question I don’t know the answer to. He makes my life complete even though every day with him is survival.

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