Thursday, August 20, 2009

I am a soap queen

If you think that I watch soap operas you are mistaken, I don’t like that imaginary lifestyle and all kind of silly situations the characters are encountered every day. I am a soap queen in a direct meaning of that word. I love soaps; all kind of soaps. My husband and I went to little private soap factory recently and I want to have one of my own. I love all natural products for bathing. Crèmes, shampoos, candles, essential oils and of course soaps. There are several brands that I am deeply in love with but my favorite is L’occitane, they have hundreds of products that are essential in my life.

Every soap is a piece of art. They are of all kinds of shapes, smells and color. My love for soaps started way before for men. Every man I have been in a relationships with will tell you that I am a soap queen. I even believe that my love for soaps helped me with my relationships with men. Why do you think men love women? Well, women are gentle, their skin is soft and they always smell good. My boyfriends couldn’t take off their faces from my hair, that how good it smelled. My husband always holds my hand and tells me how soft are my hands and kisses them very gently. If not for my love I wouldn’t be as beautiful as I am now. My men knew what to give me for Christmas and birth day. Soaps.

When I talk about soaps I cannot leave out my favorite smells. They are jasmine, green tea, olive, sandal, lavender, almond, Shea and immortelle.One of the most romantic evenings my husband and I spent so far was in the bath tub. Shea butter babble bath and a candle of rose was filling with aroma the water and air. As for our bodies I got that champagne from Provence we went recently and I didn’t know what I was getting drunk from- babble bath, rose or kisses on my shoulders. Champagne had nothing to do with that. So in case you want to add spice, aroma or romance to your relationships with men try to add some soap.

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