Thursday, February 19, 2009

Women’s Little Secrets

Every woman of age 18 and older knows how to manipulate men. Beauty, intimacy, company and tears can be dangerous weapons in emotional- impulsive hands. Many beautiful women know that they are adored and worshiped and use that as much as they can. They can get anything that they desire. Rich men, successful men, handsome men- they are all at beautiful woman’s service.

Company. Men cannot live without women even if they can’t coexist. Men have fun in men’s company, but nothing makes it more pleasurable and enjoyable than at least one woman around. Life does not go on without woman’s company in man’s life, there is no sunshine when she is not around. Women who know that use that as a weapon of manipulation to get whatever they want from men. Hmm … Yes, that works.

Tears, ah tears… Men afraid of tears as women of mice. Don’t know how to get a new brilliant stoned necklace you saw online and fell in love? Show it to your man and if he takes too much time thinking go on with this strategy. Tears accompanied with words like “You don’t love me”, “You say I can have anything that I want and here is something that I want” and etc. Something that will hit him right to his heart.

I left intimacy for the last because only inexperienced women use it when they want something. It is so wrong. If you do that stop right now. It will not bring anything good. He will leave you tomorrow. You will just lower your price and show that you have nothing else that that. Remember, there are many young and beautiful women, but only one Prince Charming.

Friday, February 13, 2009

How Young Women Survive In This Economy

You would think the contemporary economy is not affecting young women, but you would be mistaken. I already got tired of my boyfriend complaining how much money he has lost on a wall street. Finally I had to tell him that I have no money to lose so I’m not worried and I don’t give a thing about wall street. He kept quiet and then said that he wont be able to buy me nice clothes, shoes for $300 and frequent vacations to Vegas. Oh, you can’t imagine how much I regretted for saying that I don’t’ care about wall street. Now I cared more than anyone on Wall street itself.

I was already planning my next shopping trip to the mall. I just realized I have nothing on my savings account and honestly I don’t even have a savings account. The idea of working on my own scares me, as I will not have time to have vacation whenever I want. I cannot tell my boyfriend to buy me another Tiffany ring or key chain. Too bad. Of course economy is affecting young women, especially the ones who had their rich boyfriends involved in all this economic crisis.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beauty And The Beast

There are more beauties than beasts nowadays. All possible beasts are taken and there are only Prince Charming left. Who is better- Beast or Prince Charming? Isn’t that the same person? Ok, let’s look at it realistically. Beast will stay beast, and there is something behind this story. Women don’t like nice men, they crave beasts, adventures and they want to be afraid of their men so they can respect them. What is Prince Charming? He is just a nice guy next door. But Beast… He is the character and he is real man. Most of women prefer their beasts stay beast and never turn into prince.

There are many reasons for such a ridiculous woman nature but there is nothing we can do. Men say they have trouble understanding women, I’m sure women themselves don’t understand and don’t know what they really want. But one of the reasons women want their beasts stay beast is that they want to be beautiful all the time. Remember, women love changes in themselves- hair, style, nails, cars but their men should stay man all of the times. The beast has beautiful castle, servants, acres of land and garden where the red flower grows. What else a woman would want?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What To Do If Your Man Smokes

Have you ever kissed a man? What about a man who smokes? Not a pleasant feeling, my face even got all wrinkly when I remembered that feeling. I knew a nicest person- caring, loving, always trying to help but he had only one vice. He used to smoke. Even when I made him brush his teeth, he would stink like a Mr. Stinky.

So what to do if your significant other smokes? Especially the one you would better give long and passionate kisses. The best solution would be to leave him for good of course, but if you have at least little love for him you should try this first.

1. Start smoking yourself. When you both smoke you don’t feel how other one stinks.
2. Try to find him a nice hobby. Man with a lot of money will be interested in many hobbies like traveling, skydiving, paragliding or breeding dogs.
3. Every time he takes out a cigarette and doesn’t smoke give him a kiss.
4. Fill he pockets up with little love notes, mints and something else that will distract him.
5. Visit the best restaurants. When a person stops smoking he suddenly tastes food, it seems more delicious.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Your Mr. Right Is My Mr. Left

Honestly it’s not hard to find men for relationship, it’s just hard to find the right one for particular relationship we are looking for. Women have changed a lot in the past 20 years. They are still women, but the roles and values are constantly changing. You would never think that any woman wants no strings attached relationship, everybody was looking for Mr. Right. Now there are more women looking for Mr. Right Now, rather than Mr. Right. So fast, no obligating relationships are right for some women. People constantly use and being used by others. Some even don’t think that way, it’s some kind of exchange relationships.

As I understand Mr. Right has many faces and can change depending on the demands of a particular woman. For me the perfect man is intelligent and kind, but he must be rich. For one of my girl friends he must be handsome and drive a sports car. But I don’t understand women who would love toothless, bald, old, ugly and broke men. It’s not a myth, I personally know one of them. So, does that mean that he is her Mr. Right or just a Mr. Right now? What for? To have some man experience? I always thought Mr. Right Now is tall, dark and handsome; for some fun nights and beneficial arrangements. The conclusion is that your Mr. Right is not necessarily my Mr. Right.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Do Women Lie About Their Age

Sometimes. Some. Some don’t. I met Elena on my friend’s kid’s birthday party. She was in a bright blue set of wide leg pants and blouse. She was also wearing turquoise necklace and earrings. Generally, was very tasteful. I asked my friend before we were introduced to each other who was that beautiful woman. Family friend or family friend’s girl friend, doesn’t matter.
I was intrigued, and didn’t hide it from my friend. She laughed and told me to wait until I see her close.

I almost jumped. That much I was surprised. Have you experienced the feeling when you see a mesmerizing painting and you try to see it closer, so you can enjoy more but it all blurs up and looks ugly. Well, I had the same feeling. She probably had at least 10 skin lifts, the make up was think as alabaster in my walls and eyes were covered with dye too vulgar. All of a sudden I started thinking what a vulgar woman. I didn’t know why, maybe because she was going against the nature, trying to hide how she was aging. Here I am in my twenties and I’m single and here is this lady god knows how old, but she has definitely younger cavalier.

The most disappointing part of this story is that she lies about her age, she tells people she is in her thirties, even her gentleman doesn’t know her real age. Is he so easily fooled or he wants to be fooled? She definitely looks much younger when she is some reasonable distance away but the lie is so obvious. I start understanding many men who say that many women they meet online put younger age and then some madam shows up. Interesting. Would I do the same if I stay single until I’m 40?