Thursday, February 19, 2009

Women’s Little Secrets

Every woman of age 18 and older knows how to manipulate men. Beauty, intimacy, company and tears can be dangerous weapons in emotional- impulsive hands. Many beautiful women know that they are adored and worshiped and use that as much as they can. They can get anything that they desire. Rich men, successful men, handsome men- they are all at beautiful woman’s service.

Company. Men cannot live without women even if they can’t coexist. Men have fun in men’s company, but nothing makes it more pleasurable and enjoyable than at least one woman around. Life does not go on without woman’s company in man’s life, there is no sunshine when she is not around. Women who know that use that as a weapon of manipulation to get whatever they want from men. Hmm … Yes, that works.

Tears, ah tears… Men afraid of tears as women of mice. Don’t know how to get a new brilliant stoned necklace you saw online and fell in love? Show it to your man and if he takes too much time thinking go on with this strategy. Tears accompanied with words like “You don’t love me”, “You say I can have anything that I want and here is something that I want” and etc. Something that will hit him right to his heart.

I left intimacy for the last because only inexperienced women use it when they want something. It is so wrong. If you do that stop right now. It will not bring anything good. He will leave you tomorrow. You will just lower your price and show that you have nothing else that that. Remember, there are many young and beautiful women, but only one Prince Charming.

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