Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why Did I First Think About Having A Sugar Daddy

It was summer of 1929... Of course no, it was just last year, 2008. I don’t know what was the weather like in summer 1929, but last year it was hottest it can be. I didn’t know where to hide from the heat and was thinking that I should pack and go some place where the weather must be lovely at that time of the year. But then I was facing another problems like lonesome, financial independence and boredom. Since I was an adventurer I could take off at any moment. I went online and joined a free dating site. I didn’t understand why they allow men under 21 there but was getting a lot of hits from teens who wanted a nanny to go to the movie in the evening with. Since their moms are at work. Anyway, I couldn’t stay there more than a week, I even met with someone from there. He came on a bike and parked it outside of the restaurant. But was coming out to look if it was there every half an hour.

So it was the end of free dating, I was thinking that I better pay a little money to meet a decent guy with manners and job. I couldn’t believe my luck when I met couple guys after I joined the site and realized that it was totally different level. It was like something you feel going on an international business class flights after experiencing domestic ones. Yes, champagne and caviar.
And high level assistance. Summer wasn’t hot and lonely anymore. I got to visit Alaska on a cruise and British Colombia as well.

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