Friday, March 27, 2009

Traits of successful people

Are successful people different than ordinary Joe? If yes, in what way they differ? Many people don’t know but when you are interviewing a young man or woman you can tell whether they are determined to be successful or not. The way they walk, talk and sit are all nonverbal messages that tell that person is confident and knows his worth. Men and women tend to behave little bit differently when they are successful.

Successful men are noble, generous and have traveled the world by the age of 30. You have to consider when dating them the way they got to that success.
It might be harder than it looks but the number of wrinkles on his face will tell the truth. Even those wrinkles make him look noble. Look at George Clooney, he is getting more and more handsome every year. Secret? Becoming more and more successful. Successful people are goal focused, hard-working and at the end they do get what they want. They don’t act the success to come to them, they go and get it.

The places where you can find most successful people would be world’s metropolitans as they attract all kinds of people as well as successful ones. If I were looking for a successful date I would go to the best restaurants, clubs (including golf) and a dating site where you have to pay reasonable amount.

Remember, cheap people never go to those places.

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