Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Older Men Marrying Younger Women

When an older man decides to marry a younger woman it is even a bigger commitment than he would marry her in his in late twenties or thirties. You got to be realistic and think twice before doing that. Have you seen the movie “Intolerable Cruelty” with Catherine Zeta-Jones? Then you have to understand and making a decision is up to you. But it’s not always the case. Many young women do marry older men because of love, affection and many other unexplainable reasons, but many people believe it’s money.

Money, isn’t the prenuptial contract is for? Isn’t it to protect older men’s money? Again an example from the same movie. Husband tears up the contract during the wedding and no more contract. Hooray! But it’s only movie and even in the movie the husband was fake. Usually it doesn’t happen in real life. So most of the time older men are protected from their loved ones. Many people don’t understand neither older man nor younger woman when they get married. And as I mentioned earlier judging they say it’s money.

Yes, this marriage is based on a mutual benefits but it’s not all about that. Older man doesn’t have to be bald and ugly, as long as he has some numbers in the bank and here and there, it’s just fine. So real attraction is not excluded.
Besides, there are many young women who find older men much more attractive.

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