Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm proud of my accomplishments

I was so proud when I learnt how to tie my shoe laces. That was one of my first accomplishments I was so proud of. Later, ability to read, play musical instruments, run on marathons and dance like John Travolta. Teenage years and years in university are the best times for political and social activity. I have joined many parties at that time, one was called “Freedom for colored people” and another “Let your wives work”. I was sent on business trips every so often. I was even elected to be the head of student government.

Seeing my friends get medals and certificates would make me envious. It was the best stimulus for me. Just the thought that somebody else is doing better in chemistry would keep me in the library more than a coffee. So a month later I would do better than many people in the class. When nobody is competing with me I loose my interest. The accomplishments are good only when somebody challenges me or I have a competitor. I would never date a guy whom girls don’t even mentioned. I challenged myself to get the best guy in the area and when he looked too busy to date it became even more interesting. Now he is mine and next to him another check mark.

Although I haven’t done much in this life, now when I’m sick and I might have a surgery I am proud of only one accomplishment in my life. It is having my child. It was one of the most pleasurable and hardest experiences that I had. You realize that miracles happen and the biggest one of them is the birth of a human child. So I have accomplished the biggest reason of life. The cycle of life is almost completed for me and it made me remember that many people are not able to complete that one biggest accomplishment of their life

Friday, May 8, 2009

Dating deal breakers

Dating can be very hard. Especially considering how men and women are so different. When a man and woman see another woman they usually think totally two different things. So opposites attract? Can two genders attract each other and at the same time have same goals? Might be, although experience shows that there are many deal breakers in dating. My friends would say it’s mother-in-law and my local friends have mentioned that it can be bad breath, past relationships, bad manners, bad tastes (in clothes, cologne, food, etc).

Sometimes it gets to the point when anything can be a deal breaker. Oh, that’s when it’s too late to be flexible and try to save the relationship. Unless you just started and there is no emotional ties to that person. I met a man online once and after I saw him in the restaurant I realized I didn’t like him.

Well, it was my mistake I agreed for dinner (I was working during the day), but then I wrote him an email saying that I didn’t feel that chemistry was there. It’s one of the most innocent ways to say “good-bye” without hurting the person. Many women prefer to part with a man if he has a bad taste in clothes instead of training him. I think the show “What not to wear” came to help those poor women and men to keep their relationships.

One thing however I wouldn’t tolerate is bad manners. It means a lot to me. I haven’t been raised in a castle with no means of royalty but I do have manners and can behave as a lady. Absence of manners, basic human as well as chivalry is the biggest deal breaker of all times. Any ideas ladies? Well, bring it up but don’t fool me with something like “He gives me flowers every day and I’m tired of it!”.