Friday, July 9, 2010

Understanding the Sugar daddy Lifestyle

To fully comprehend and thus appreciate the sugar daddy lifestyle, one must first know the definition as to what a sugar daddy is. It is defined as a rich, usually older man who offers money, gifts, or mentor ship to a less rich, usually younger female in return for companionship. Please understand that this is NOT prostitution in that the older man is usually the sole financial provider to the younger female.

When breaking the term sugar daddy down to it’s individual words, daddy is the descriptor for the difference in age between the man and the woman, and prefacing it with the word sugar, being the gifts he would bestow on to her. It is a lifestyle that, for some, works out quite well, and is mutually beneficial to both. It is a win-win lifestyle. This lifestyle, although still considered to be an alternate lifestyle, is being viewed as more commonplace, and so it has become more accepted in today’s society. It is also a more selective lifestyle as the requirements must include wealth, willingness to spend freely, and an age difference between the daddy and the younger woman.

So who are the sugar daddies? And what is it that they possess that make them irresistible to women and the envy of men? The main answer is those with money, affluence, a seat in high society, a captain of industry, with a list of resources, a go getter, an achiever, with an eye for the younger female beauties, and the ability to make wishes come true. He talks the talk, but he also walks the walk.

So I’ll begin with one of the biggest, if not King of Sugar daddies. He is millionaire real estate developer Donald Trump. He is quite likely to be the most famous of all sugar daddies since he has dated, (and married) women who were quite younger than he. The truth is, Donald Trump has dated and married some of the most attractive younger women in the world!

One should not think or speak badly of Mr. Trump for his lifestyle choices. I sincerely believe most men would gladly trade places with him if it were possible, just as I believe that most women would be thrilled to date or marry him. The “Don”, being a much admired and respected man, has given the sugar daddy lifestyle, a much needed facelift! The sugar daddy lifestyle is not only for those who are famous and celebrities. For every famously known about sugar daddy relationship, there are many, many more who are not in the public eye or under their scrutiny. But it is the famous celebrities that we always hear about and so we try to relate to this lifestyle through them!