Friday, March 27, 2009

Traits of successful people

Are successful people different than ordinary Joe? If yes, in what way they differ? Many people don’t know but when you are interviewing a young man or woman you can tell whether they are determined to be successful or not. The way they walk, talk and sit are all nonverbal messages that tell that person is confident and knows his worth. Men and women tend to behave little bit differently when they are successful.

Successful men are noble, generous and have traveled the world by the age of 30. You have to consider when dating them the way they got to that success.
It might be harder than it looks but the number of wrinkles on his face will tell the truth. Even those wrinkles make him look noble. Look at George Clooney, he is getting more and more handsome every year. Secret? Becoming more and more successful. Successful people are goal focused, hard-working and at the end they do get what they want. They don’t act the success to come to them, they go and get it.

The places where you can find most successful people would be world’s metropolitans as they attract all kinds of people as well as successful ones. If I were looking for a successful date I would go to the best restaurants, clubs (including golf) and a dating site where you have to pay reasonable amount.

Remember, cheap people never go to those places.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What Is A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Many people don’t know what is a mutually beneficial relationship. They keep asking themselves if they are in a beneficial relationship. At least for one party. One of the differences of mutually beneficial relationships is that both parties are interested in having this kind of relationship. Men benefit from having a cutie-beauty on their arms and women from men’s social and financial status. Funny to mention, but time proved observation shows that mutually beneficial relationships are the most stable and strongest. Why? Just because both of them are interested. It is also one of the most honest and open relationships.

Mutually beneficial relationship can be the best experience man or woman can ever have. Nice company on long and short trips, envious eyes every place a couple goes and best service given when they see a respectable man with a model type girl. For a rich and hardworking man a company of a beautiful woman can be the most relaxing. Many younger women like spending time with older men as they come across to be smart, rich and more understanding. What a young woman can learn or take from a you man? Nothing except arguments, silly jokes and many uncomfortable situations.

As a name says benefits work both ways. Some of men can be even married, as they lack that little excitement in their family life. Wife is busy with errands and kids, but what about him? He needs an attention, ears to listen and fun to share. So he looks for a younger woman. Usually nobody leave their wives. Younger woman or how it is officially called now “Sugarbabe” is available for him 24/7. She gives love, tender and excitement. That becomes her primary job even. Which man wouldn’t be happy to be in a such relationship and pay any price for it?!

Mentoring A Sugarbabe

Mentoring a sugarbabe can be hard or easy, it all depends which way you choose to treat her. As anybody else sugar babies tend to have good and bad days. Especially being a woman it’s hard to keep up with the rhythm of life. As a mentor, a man should understand and be fully respected as a sugarbabe will not let a ordinary man mentor her. Social status plays a great role in mentoring as well as worth labeled in your bank account.

Many men are highly interested in mentoring younger beautiful girl. Why? It is beneficial both ways. He doesn’t mind taking care of a younger woman who will give him love, attention and pride. A Sugar babe, on the other hand loves being mentored as she wants that status and finer things she doesn’t have much access to. And mentor always can give her that.

While mentoring a younger girl it’s always better not to cross the borders. She is young, beautiful and free. Therefore she wants more than any other woman. As for the borders, the total control can ruin everything. Considering how much a mentor works, he wont keep her by him all the time, but anybody can say “Hey, I’m paying the bill and deserve to be respected”. Yes, you can say that, but will it bring any results? No. Taking a girl to nice places and getting her best things (not all she wants at the same time) at the same time not running after her will make any sugarbabe to be available to her mentor any time of the day. It’s just all about tactic.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Older Men Marrying Younger Women

When an older man decides to marry a younger woman it is even a bigger commitment than he would marry her in his in late twenties or thirties. You got to be realistic and think twice before doing that. Have you seen the movie “Intolerable Cruelty” with Catherine Zeta-Jones? Then you have to understand and making a decision is up to you. But it’s not always the case. Many young women do marry older men because of love, affection and many other unexplainable reasons, but many people believe it’s money.

Money, isn’t the prenuptial contract is for? Isn’t it to protect older men’s money? Again an example from the same movie. Husband tears up the contract during the wedding and no more contract. Hooray! But it’s only movie and even in the movie the husband was fake. Usually it doesn’t happen in real life. So most of the time older men are protected from their loved ones. Many people don’t understand neither older man nor younger woman when they get married. And as I mentioned earlier judging they say it’s money.

Yes, this marriage is based on a mutual benefits but it’s not all about that. Older man doesn’t have to be bald and ugly, as long as he has some numbers in the bank and here and there, it’s just fine. So real attraction is not excluded.
Besides, there are many young women who find older men much more attractive.

Why Did I First Think About Having A Sugar Daddy

It was summer of 1929... Of course no, it was just last year, 2008. I don’t know what was the weather like in summer 1929, but last year it was hottest it can be. I didn’t know where to hide from the heat and was thinking that I should pack and go some place where the weather must be lovely at that time of the year. But then I was facing another problems like lonesome, financial independence and boredom. Since I was an adventurer I could take off at any moment. I went online and joined a free dating site. I didn’t understand why they allow men under 21 there but was getting a lot of hits from teens who wanted a nanny to go to the movie in the evening with. Since their moms are at work. Anyway, I couldn’t stay there more than a week, I even met with someone from there. He came on a bike and parked it outside of the restaurant. But was coming out to look if it was there every half an hour.

So it was the end of free dating, I was thinking that I better pay a little money to meet a decent guy with manners and job. I couldn’t believe my luck when I met couple guys after I joined the site and realized that it was totally different level. It was like something you feel going on an international business class flights after experiencing domestic ones. Yes, champagne and caviar.
And high level assistance. Summer wasn’t hot and lonely anymore. I got to visit Alaska on a cruise and British Colombia as well.