Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mentoring A Sugarbabe

Mentoring a sugarbabe can be hard or easy, it all depends which way you choose to treat her. As anybody else sugar babies tend to have good and bad days. Especially being a woman it’s hard to keep up with the rhythm of life. As a mentor, a man should understand and be fully respected as a sugarbabe will not let a ordinary man mentor her. Social status plays a great role in mentoring as well as worth labeled in your bank account.

Many men are highly interested in mentoring younger beautiful girl. Why? It is beneficial both ways. He doesn’t mind taking care of a younger woman who will give him love, attention and pride. A Sugar babe, on the other hand loves being mentored as she wants that status and finer things she doesn’t have much access to. And mentor always can give her that.

While mentoring a younger girl it’s always better not to cross the borders. She is young, beautiful and free. Therefore she wants more than any other woman. As for the borders, the total control can ruin everything. Considering how much a mentor works, he wont keep her by him all the time, but anybody can say “Hey, I’m paying the bill and deserve to be respected”. Yes, you can say that, but will it bring any results? No. Taking a girl to nice places and getting her best things (not all she wants at the same time) at the same time not running after her will make any sugarbabe to be available to her mentor any time of the day. It’s just all about tactic.

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