Thursday, February 5, 2009

Do Women Lie About Their Age

Sometimes. Some. Some don’t. I met Elena on my friend’s kid’s birthday party. She was in a bright blue set of wide leg pants and blouse. She was also wearing turquoise necklace and earrings. Generally, was very tasteful. I asked my friend before we were introduced to each other who was that beautiful woman. Family friend or family friend’s girl friend, doesn’t matter.
I was intrigued, and didn’t hide it from my friend. She laughed and told me to wait until I see her close.

I almost jumped. That much I was surprised. Have you experienced the feeling when you see a mesmerizing painting and you try to see it closer, so you can enjoy more but it all blurs up and looks ugly. Well, I had the same feeling. She probably had at least 10 skin lifts, the make up was think as alabaster in my walls and eyes were covered with dye too vulgar. All of a sudden I started thinking what a vulgar woman. I didn’t know why, maybe because she was going against the nature, trying to hide how she was aging. Here I am in my twenties and I’m single and here is this lady god knows how old, but she has definitely younger cavalier.

The most disappointing part of this story is that she lies about her age, she tells people she is in her thirties, even her gentleman doesn’t know her real age. Is he so easily fooled or he wants to be fooled? She definitely looks much younger when she is some reasonable distance away but the lie is so obvious. I start understanding many men who say that many women they meet online put younger age and then some madam shows up. Interesting. Would I do the same if I stay single until I’m 40?

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