Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beauty And The Beast

There are more beauties than beasts nowadays. All possible beasts are taken and there are only Prince Charming left. Who is better- Beast or Prince Charming? Isn’t that the same person? Ok, let’s look at it realistically. Beast will stay beast, and there is something behind this story. Women don’t like nice men, they crave beasts, adventures and they want to be afraid of their men so they can respect them. What is Prince Charming? He is just a nice guy next door. But Beast… He is the character and he is real man. Most of women prefer their beasts stay beast and never turn into prince.

There are many reasons for such a ridiculous woman nature but there is nothing we can do. Men say they have trouble understanding women, I’m sure women themselves don’t understand and don’t know what they really want. But one of the reasons women want their beasts stay beast is that they want to be beautiful all the time. Remember, women love changes in themselves- hair, style, nails, cars but their men should stay man all of the times. The beast has beautiful castle, servants, acres of land and garden where the red flower grows. What else a woman would want?

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