Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What To Do If Your Man Smokes

Have you ever kissed a man? What about a man who smokes? Not a pleasant feeling, my face even got all wrinkly when I remembered that feeling. I knew a nicest person- caring, loving, always trying to help but he had only one vice. He used to smoke. Even when I made him brush his teeth, he would stink like a Mr. Stinky.

So what to do if your significant other smokes? Especially the one you would better give long and passionate kisses. The best solution would be to leave him for good of course, but if you have at least little love for him you should try this first.

1. Start smoking yourself. When you both smoke you don’t feel how other one stinks.
2. Try to find him a nice hobby. Man with a lot of money will be interested in many hobbies like traveling, skydiving, paragliding or breeding dogs.
3. Every time he takes out a cigarette and doesn’t smoke give him a kiss.
4. Fill he pockets up with little love notes, mints and something else that will distract him.
5. Visit the best restaurants. When a person stops smoking he suddenly tastes food, it seems more delicious.

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