Friday, February 13, 2009

How Young Women Survive In This Economy

You would think the contemporary economy is not affecting young women, but you would be mistaken. I already got tired of my boyfriend complaining how much money he has lost on a wall street. Finally I had to tell him that I have no money to lose so I’m not worried and I don’t give a thing about wall street. He kept quiet and then said that he wont be able to buy me nice clothes, shoes for $300 and frequent vacations to Vegas. Oh, you can’t imagine how much I regretted for saying that I don’t’ care about wall street. Now I cared more than anyone on Wall street itself.

I was already planning my next shopping trip to the mall. I just realized I have nothing on my savings account and honestly I don’t even have a savings account. The idea of working on my own scares me, as I will not have time to have vacation whenever I want. I cannot tell my boyfriend to buy me another Tiffany ring or key chain. Too bad. Of course economy is affecting young women, especially the ones who had their rich boyfriends involved in all this economic crisis.

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