Monday, August 3, 2009

Would you ask your man how much he earns

Are you crazy?! Nobody asks a man how much he earns. He will think that you want his money (which is true but don’t make it that obvious). These kind of questions make a man alert and take his thoughts away from you to his bank account. As long as man is working hard it shouldn’t bother you how much he earns. There are some other ways to find out how much your man earns. I would never ask and never did, but there was a chance to find out when we were filling out some papers. And I did find out. You will get your chance too. But asking a man directly would be the last resource to satisfy your curiosity.

First of all, why do you have to know the size of his … salary? If it makes a difference whether you will continue dating him or not then it is better to find out at the beginning of a relationship. However, finding out that your man makes very good money after dating him for a while is a nice surprise too. If the reason is a pure curiosity then think about whether you would like to tell him how much you make. Let’s say the answer is “Yes” but still why would you want to know how much he earns. The bigger salary = bigger love?

Personally I don’t think it’s necessary to know how much your man earns as men can be different. A man earning over five hundred thousand a year might not even buy you flowers and wouldn’t mind you splitting the bill. On the other hand a man working as a contractor will shower you with gifts with all he earns. Does it really matters how much your man earns now? Before starting anything serious think if that man can give you all that he has and disregard his monthly or yearly income. Some men tend to like when a woman takes control of his salary and uses that for their fun times. But not all women like that as it involves a lot of paper work.

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