Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Husband Never Cooks For Me

My husband does not know how to cook. But he loves to eat. As anybody else. I love to cook and sometimes would appreciate if a man would cook especially for me. It is believed that if a man cooks it is much more delicious and special. Women put a lot of love when they cook but since they do it every day, sometime several times a day they forget the main ingredient (love), or lack that ingredient, so the food is tasty but not mesmerizing. When a man takes a knife in his hands to peel the potatoes or cut a tomatoes it’s a totally different story.

One of our friends advised us to take cooking classes together. He said it was fun for him and his wife to take those classes and they learnt a lot about each other and nutrition. So we went. My husband became a free clown. He does not need food if only you give him your attention. I guess it’s one of the disadvantages of being a single child. He needs a constant attention and public in that class was very friendly, mainly consisting of housewives. He would juggle for them with anything round found in the kitchen: apples, tomatoes, even onions. By the end of the class we had a project to do, which was consisting of one appetizer, one entrĂ©e and a desert. As you might have already guessed he didn’t help me at all. Well, he didn’t learn anything.

Saturday evening and he wants me to cook. Oh, that is too much! I cook every day and he even doesn’t help me, I work full time job as well. Why so much discrimination even in such a free country like America?! I just remembered that one of my boy friends would always cook for me and that thought made me even more angry. I stopped whatever I was doing and called him. I just wanted to know why he always used to cook for me and tell him that I do appreciate it now. I also wanted to tell him that my husband never cooks for me. He invited me over and said he will cook for me French dish. I had a great time and felt cared and loved again, however it was all in the past now.

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