Friday, July 10, 2009

Be A Gentleman And Let Me Have The Last Word

When an argument takes place most men don’t know the secret of winning over women. And I will reveal that secret now. However, many men don’t use it and still argue and try to make a woman different person or prove her that he is right. And it is all wrong as women will never forgive the loss, even if they know they are wrong. The importance of having the last word seems to funny at some times as they are just words and no matter what being said we can stay with our own point inside and nobody can change it.

Not only women but anybody will respond aggressively if they are not treated right. Having the last word is not the sign of winning the battle. A nice talk and coming together to the right conclusion will go further. It’s very hard though to concentrate on having a good conversation and solving a problem when you want to prove that you are right. Everybody wants to have a last word so the argument goes on and on. Still men forget about the secret of winning over the woman. It is not similar to the taming of the shrew, nothing like that. The guy in that romance was very tough on the shrew.

Most women are stubborn and won’t give away their beliefs easily. I have noticed that my husband found that secret to have a peace with me. He started letting me have the last word and I have nothing more to say. Me having the last does not mean that I’m the boss and I make all the decisions. We should make them together but as a woman and the person who takes care of the most things that have to do with the family and house and etc I believe I do deserve the right to be given the last word. At the same time we shouldn’t forget about respect and dignity. If a man being nice enough to give you the last word, give him the right to turn those words into action

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