Friday, July 3, 2009

Watching a Romance movie with my husband was a disaster!

I always knew that my husband wasn’t the biggest romantic man in the world but I had my high hopes to change it one day. I have organized many surprise “dates” for two of us. Whether it be in the theatre, park or museum all went well and we both enjoyed our time together. Although he didn’t bring me any of those surprises yet I know one day he will. Last Saturday we went to our favorite sushi place. The atmosphere and food presentation brought me into a romantic mood again. So I thought why don’t we watch a romantic movie. It would bring us even closer and strengthen our love.

The first romantic movie that came to my mind was “An Affair To Remember”. So on the way home we stopped at the local Blockbuster and rented that movie. My husband didn’t say anything and his face didn’t show a slight enthusiasm. I made some popcorn and soft drinks in case we get thirsty. As soon as the movie started his attention was absorbed by popcorn, so I took it away. Hey, you might call me by all the bad words but I’m working on my husband. I am making him a more romantic person. And better of course.

My husband never turns off his phone and keeps it in his pocket. While we were watching the movie his phone vibrated more than twenty times. Yes I was annoyed. But the bigger frustration was when he started typing and sending messages. It wasn’t nice at all. Then he was reading emails, then news and finally I yelled and took away his phone. I needed to go to the bathroom and when I came back he was watching baseball. What a disaster! What am I going to do with that? Why is he acting like this? Am I doing something wrong, maybe my husband will never like anything romantic and will never bring me flowers home?

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