Monday, June 29, 2009

Political view does it really matter?

When two people get together to live they don’t always consider the political view to be a deal breaker but when it comes to election days the surprise astonishes them. Men assume that woman will take his side and there is no need for her to verbalize her political views. The right for women to vote was given relatively recently, so women still doubt whether they should listen to their husbands. The difference in political views can be difficult in a family life, but at the end being a woman and being able to vote independently leaves you proud.

The recent elections were very intense and full of surprises. People were frustrated as they thought there was no choice. It would have been a woman for the first time or African American. Well, Obama is not quite African American as his mother was white Caucasian and Hillary is not quite a woman too. Ambitious, goal oriented and very strong personality. I don’t think she would have stayed married if she was a real woman. The game of elections of 2008 was very twisted and many women who were ready to finally vote for a strong and smart woman ended up with that Tina Fey, oh, sorry Sarah Palin. She not only ruined the reputation of women but the whole country in front of the world.

Knowing that Obama is smart and non corrupted young man it was his advantage as disadvantage too. Even the big experience of McCain couldn’t help him as somebody did enough job to spoil the whole campaign. So the debates of my man and me were between young but ambitious and old but experienced. All political TV shows and views of were watched 24/7 and still we couldn’t come to a common view as both of us are very stubborn people. Our relationship started to cool down as we started to hanging out with different people and we were trying to avoid each other just not to argue again. After elections were over we just took a little vacation and love was coming back.

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