Friday, September 4, 2009

My Husband Is A Big Flirt

I always loved well mannered men. Always smile, let women go first, let the woman take the best seat in the restaurant. Until I discovered that some women take it personally. If a strange man is polite with women they automatically assume that he is single. Next thing you know is that women assume that he likes them and they start to flirt. And then men start flirting too. The fact that my husband is very polite with women makes me angry sometimes. It goes beyond the borders of politeness. Is it a flirt?

When he would be sarcastic with some women I thought it was sarcasm, when he would help women with their chairs I thought it was chivalry and serving drinks considered one big hospitality. Until I discovered my husband just was one big flirt. He did all these little tricks just to get attention of all women. And he succeeded in that. Even his ex-s ask him for help and when he makes a very serious face talking over the phone I know he will be smiling and lifting his eyebrows constantly when he will see them. Just because he is talking to a woman and he is a big flirt.

I don’t know how to tell him that it upsets me and if I confront him he will also think I’m being jealous. So in order not to end up in a very uncomfortable situation I decided to do the same. Every time we used to gather with his or my friends I started being extremely polite with other males in the company. I started asking them how they were doing all this time and how good they looked. It seemed like none of my husband’s ears moved during the whole evening while I was flirting with men around and being so sweet and polite with everybody but when we got home he made a comment about me being flirtatious. Again, I didn’t want to lay a shadow of jealousy over myself so I just said “Oh, I didn’t think I was flirting, I was just being polite”.

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