Friday, January 9, 2009

Football Season Again!

I always try to compromise. Especially if a man is nice to me. But last Saturday evening I had to spend watching football only because I’m so nice.
I just don’t like those bars full of noise and smoke. And whistling and yelling and the whole contingent around me. So I had to put up with that only because right before going there I made him go shopping to the mall with me.
And of course he bought some nice things for me. I guess I had to pay for those nice things. But the price was too high. Next time I would prefer to go shopping with my girl-friends (with his credit card) and he goes to his bars with his male friends.

I can deal with anything but not football. I just don’t understand that cruel game and refuse to watch it. Not that I’m too girly girl and sensitive, no, it’s just too boring. By the end of the game I said that if it was up to me I would give each player a personal ball so that they don’t have to crush each other over the ONLY ONE ball. It seemed like the whole bar turned over to me and looked at me in a silence as if I was blonde. I’m not blonde and I didn’t say that just because I thought it would make game more interesting, I just don’t like violence. Also I believe my bf misses down to earth pleasures and entertainment of simple folks but I’m waiting for the end of the season to go to operas and ballets again. Some cruise would be nice too.

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