Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year

The coming year is significantly happy for me because I’m planning on going to my home country. My parents, friends and of course my favorite men.
Smile. It takes almost 30 hours to get there, first either London or Frankfurt or Istanbul. I think the best airlines are English or German, I still hesitate taking Turkish or Russian.
I have to mention that last time I flew with British airways the service was terrible. The only thing I ask for was water and it came on a third time I asked and after couple hours. It stopped me from tipping them.
Going away somewhere is always nice, especially if your bf travels more than many stewardesses. I believe a woman should never be alone, especially young woman. You never know what can happen while you are earning your double points for mileage you are doing on the air.
So happy New Year everybody and with me luck to find nice man in 2009!

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