Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Why Young Women Love To Date Older Men

There has been millions of discussions on this topic and still it seems there is no answer. Why? Because there is always a new generation of young women and older men. So now they want to know and the eternal question arises again. There are many answers to it. One of them would be the maturity.

Physically and mentally women mature earlier, thus the difference between the two genders. Older men and younger women understand each other much better than mates. If you ever saw children playing in the playground girls always play role games in the house pretending to be moms and visiting each other while boys are busy with cars and running around. Girls are ahead learning about family structure and how to take care of everybody. By the time girls graduate from the universities boys are still thinking what they are going to be when they will grow up.

No woman likes when a man doesn’t know what to say in social circles, doesn’t know that she needs flowers for any occasion and doesn’t give little happy gifts. By the time a man learns those skills a woman gets 10-15 years older than him and usually because of him. As a young married woman I felt deprived many times. My young husband didn’t know I needed more than just great intimate relationships. I wanted him to introduce me to something new, something I didn’t know.

Exploring new things together was great, but he was still behind me in many aspects. Our conversations wouldn’t go out of our kitchen. Older men know a lot usually and young men can know a lot too, but it’s so hard to find them. Maybe they hide in the libraries? Money problems always sounds like a shallow topic to mention, but usually men by their 40th have decent jobs and better lifestyles.

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