Monday, December 8, 2008

How To Get The Best Man

Every girl dreams of prince charming on his white horse and castle in the downtown of Wonderland. He should be young, handsome, wealthy, strong, smart, love her princess to death and very forgiving of her little whims. You don’t have enough fingers on your both hands to count the criteria. Ok, then you want it all but what do you have to give back?

Unfortunately most or all women will say “Myself!”. Wouldn’t it be too little?! There are millions of women like you- young, beautiful and single. Millions of young women have very soft skin, long legs, beautiful eyes. But the prince Charming cannot fall on a first beauty, he can afford to choose. So, why he specifically choose you? What differs you from other beautiful women?

Beauty without the skills to offer is worth nothing because it will fade over time. The most important is individuality. Beauties from fabric are very popular, but as mistresses and not as wives. And they are changed pretty often.

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