Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How To Make A Man Do Everything You Want

I have read a very interesting article on when and how to make your man do whatever you want and decided to share it with women who don’t know it yet. Even if they know, it’s just a reminder. I’ll print it and read it once in a while too, just to remember how to train my man. It might be very useful for women who are dating, looking for a date, just got married or planning on getting married. For those who have been married for a long time the author says it might be too late, hence the time is wasted and your husband has already gotten used to the rules and might appear too stiff to be trained. According to that article the honeymoon is the best time to start training your husband.

Training, as I understood is not offending at all, and shouldn’t be to the men who will read this. Why? Just because the woman is the one who is responsible for the family. Just because nature programmed men in a way that they should be going hunting, making great scientific and geographical discoveries, go to war and die to win them. So women are the ones who create the family and they can have the right to choose the man, to love him, to train him and if he is good- live with him. Imagine you’re working with clay and while it’s new, wet and soft- you can make any shapes, but when it dries up forget about it.

Some women wonder after 10 years of living together and trying to change him just not working. “I’ve been living with you ten years and you've never given me flowers and never bought me gifts!” and the husband honestly says “But you never told me you liked flowers and wanted gifts!” and he is right! He's just one of the millions of husbands that are not trained. You can get anything you ever wanted in your honeymoon, while his love is still hot, not that it will cool down later but it will become a habit. And we have to cultivate good habits like taking care of you, bringing you flowers, cleaning after himself, buying you gifts at least once a month and very expensive ones every 6 months. You can make your own list and he will do it all. How? Just give him hints, make sad faces and in the cases when your man is super dumb- tell him.

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