Saturday, December 6, 2008

In Love With Two Men

It was one of the hardest periods in my life. Thankfully it continued not for long, only a year. I couldn’t let go of either one. One used to work in the KGB and he could find out any time about me cheating on him. He was able to find any files about anyone’s personal life, but I was a tough nut to crack. The strange thing is I didn’t consider it cheating because I loved him too. I loved both of them. My other boyfriend knew I had an old one and was patiently waiting for my farewell with the old one. As I said earlier, it all continued around a year.

Rotating week-end dates, lies about getting sick or my relative getting sick, extra days work, business trips just exhausted me completely. There has been many times when I was almost got caught telling a lie. My heart would go down to my feet before I would say the truth and stop myself on time. All my friends and girl friends were informed and I don’t think they were proud of me. They loved my boyfriend and were in a dead end as well when they met the new one. Both of them were very good-looking, charming personality and so kind and nice to me. Finally they understood me.

When you go to the store with a budget of $100 and there are two dresses that cost $100 each and you like both of them, you cannot keep trying them. You have to make a choice and buy only one. I had put one on another and trying to steal one dress from the store. And it wasn’t nice at all. My pride and human sense wouldn’t allow me to do that. I was just walking around in the store. The situation resolved without me making the choice. Old, almost dying parent of my new boyfriend called him and made him promise to marry a friend of family’s daughter. So he moved away from the city and I regained my peace.

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