Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Who Should Decide Your Future

Just like the good old days, everybody is concerned why I'm still single especially my father who thinks I will get old and nobody will ever marry me and I will live with them forever. It’s a good idea, a daughter who cleans, cooks and takes care of the house and everybody in it. But still he was persistent with the idea to find me a husband even though my mom wasn’t that much concerned.

I don’t think any parent in any culture other than mine would bring his friend’s son and lock him in a room with his daughter on their first date. I don’t remember seeing this lanky, face full of pimples “fiancĂ©” before. “Hi” he said after forever lasting silence. “If you think you are going to marry me, the answer is No! I don’t like you. I want to marry someone I know and someone I love and don’t even try to argue!” After that he was harmless. I don’t think it was his initiative to come and see me and he definitely wasn’t ready to start a family.

I told him that when our parents come in to ask us out we will just sit and tell them that we didn’t like each other and if they want we can be friends, but we had different interests to be husband and wife. “Why do you have to have similar interests? One of you has to be a wife and the other a husband!” our fathers were surprised. They meant I have to stay in the kitchen and he will work and support myself and our kids. I keep asking the heavens when it will be over. When finally will we be able to find our husbands and wives by ourselves. Hope that day is not that far, so we will be responsible for our own mistakes.

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