Sunday, December 7, 2008

Harm Of Emotional Love

I have never been a big fan of those “feminine” novels and soap operas full of emotional love. Pure emotional love - is a lie. Then, what about Romeo and Juliette? Shakespeare was a genius, he knew the maze of human souls. He knew that great emotional love of Romeo and Juliette wouldn’t survive, so a tragic end actually was a happy end. Only thanks to that end did we have an etalon of ideal love.

Let’s imagine a different ending to that story. They got married and lived together up to the age of 50. How would their relationship look like then? I bet less romantic! Juliette, the mother of a big family would be unhappy from the lack of money to support the family. Romeo would be visiting younger ladies and drink to forget his unhappy family life. The other version is Romeo suffering from Juliette’s cheating on him because she is disappointed in him and seeks comfort with another man. Maybe they just don’t love each other anymore and filed for divorce.

If anyone experiences that type of big, emotional love- sooner or later (some months or max a year) time will come to pay for that. Any psychologist would tell us not to trust emotions- good or bad. Not to trust when we just met our love or parting. Anyone would agree with me that emotions and adjective are way more expressive when people divorce rather than marry.

So what is the reason that emotion love is only temporarily? Why it doesn’t last long? The reason is that when we experience emotional love we love only ourselves, and the partner is only secondary. All of us just in need to feed our Ego. We are just using other people as a tool to bring us love to ourselves. No, we love ourselves all the time, just from time to time we need to see it in the mirror. It took me 6 years to understand that. For some it takes eternity and for others never.

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Emily said...

Love the ego bit. :)