Monday, January 26, 2009

How To Be Single And Independent

Sometimes it’s hard for women to be single and at the same time independent. If you look many women depend on their parents, grandparents, later in life on their boy friends and husbands. Is it the society that makes it so difficult for woman to be independent or it’s in our genes that we are weak and always need to be protected. We just missed our chance for the first time in American history for a woman to be head of the country. Not strong enough? Not smart enough? Well, I don’t think so. Whatever is done is done, and even this inauguration was very special as first half black became a president.

I always doubt whether to be independent my own hard way or just find my fortune with a rich man and fly away to Hawaii. The second choice sounds more easier and sweeter but it excludes my goal to be independent. For some women who doesn’t know any other methods of making money rather than marrying some millionaire and then divorcing him there wouldn’t be other options. Not for me. I want to find a millionaire or just an average rich guy who will send me to the best university, maybe in Hawaii and then marry me. So I will benefit in any situation. I will have a good career that will bring me good money and if I divorce him I’ll have half of whatever he owns. Not a bad plan, isn’t it? Now let me see which one of four men I am getting to know now is the best candidate.

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