Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama’s New Year Resolution- No Single Women By 2010

I know it’s not true and real, but hey, did anybody think about single women problem on a white house level? Ever? No! And I think it’ not fair. Creating good opportunities for dating and building new families would be the best use on our tax money, don’t you think so? The society would profit from that as well. In what sense? In the sense that when women are not single the productivity grows, less injuries on work places, more women quit smoking leading to less gum diseases and lung cancers.

I think all single women should come together and create a some kind of NPO to fight against single women in US as well as worldwide. The relation between women emancipation and the level of single women in US is interchangeable. Women being independent less need men or they work too hard and one day they wake up in their forties and nobody needs them anymore. Few hardworking women know that you can be independent and at the same time let the man know that you need him. That is the key to success with men, as they tend to get lost when they feel that a woman doesn’t need them.

So, we will all hope and pray for Obama and white house to work on that vital problem as it has increased drastically in the past few years. I suspect it was this whole economic crisis but what about the years before? So let’s work on that folks.

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