Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why are English accents so sexy

If you have seen the play by Shaw “Pygmalion” then you understand how fascinating the speech can be. Accent, manners, etiquette will take a young, beautiful girl further than actual knowledge of a subject. But today we are talking about how and why is English accent so sexy? Since English is not my first language and I have never lived in UK for a long time I don’t even try to perform one. Real English accent has been dramatically changed in all English colonies including US. Whatever has remained is still beautiful.

There has been many arguments about what language is the sexiest and love should be t spoken in those languages. Definitely all contestants are roman languages like English ( British), French, Italian or Portuguese (Take into consideration it wasn’t worldwide discussion, just in my office and it was pretty emotional disputes). Some people who were close to Hispanic culture were saying that it should be Portuguese, who spoke French were disputing in French and anyway majority came to conclusion that it should be English. Maybe because it was the only way to say their love.

People in US melt their ears when they hear British accent and make a person talk constantly under any excuses. I tried to figure out why this particular English accent is so sexy. It’s the way they roll the sounds, some consonants like “r” come out very nice and vowel “u” is specific only to British English speakers. In an effort to repeat those sounds similarly or at least a bit close I put some hazel nuts in the shells into my mouth and was trying to pronounce each word like English people do. While I was rollerblading with my hazel nuts I bumped into an Englishman in the park. He was walking his dog. Now I found my own Henry Higgins who will work on my phonetics.

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