Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First Date Clothing

First impressions are essential. You will never be given a second chance to make the first impression. Writing from a woman’s perspective I have to admit that women take a lot of time getting ready for a date, especially for the first one. If you make a date and you are doing it like something in between your errands that’s not always a good idea. Dress to impress is a very favorite saying of mine. Clothes can tell a lot about your date’s personality. Sometimes I ask myself who will buy some ugly clothes in the stores, but eventually they get sold too.
Clothes for a first date for women should be very classy, stylish and sexy.

By sexy I do not mean vulgar clothes, just some people don’t know the difference. Dressing right is a whole art which most people do not master. Many women do need help in choosing their wardrobe, as they tend to buy too much of useless accessories and too few basic essentials. It would be hard for a woman to make a date right after work, as you won’t have enough time to get refreshed and have new make-up, clothes and energy. So success of a first date might be influenced by right timing.

Many people think that thinking of clothes to impress a person is very shallow, but hey, would you have a second date with a man dressed like a homeless? Well, he wouldn’t either. Nice clothes not brand and designer ones necessarily will make their work if your taste is classy and pretty reasonable. Warm colors will bring a positive aura from your date and bright will make him think in a wrong way, and too dark will bring skepticism as well as negativism. Before choosing clothes for your first date you might want to spend enough time in front of a mirror and think through how you will spend your first date. It’s important so you don’t feel uncomfortable with an office clothes on the beach if you might go for a walk on the beach after meal. And last but not least- use common sense and dress to impress your date right from the first time!

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