Sunday, April 26, 2009

After a first date how long should a guy wait to call

There is nothing bad in showing your feelings and if a guy meets a girl and he likes her a lot he can call the next day. The only problem are girls. When a girl sees that a guy liked her on a first date and she knows he will call her within 48 hours she starts behaving differently. Men shouldn’t be so logical sometimes because as you’ve heard you can’t explain women by logic. If you wait too long, she might feel abandoned and find another interest, if you call too soon she might put you under her heel. Sometimes you just have to follow your heart and phone ethics or dating ethics.

Many men are too weak to call within that appropriate time and I had that experience. He called me after a week. He might have been choosing another dates or being busy in his basement, but I forgot about him. When he called he apologized and said he has been on a business trip and was busy working. He was a man, he took my honest response as a man. Funny, I felt he liked me a lot but only because he didn’t call me within 48 hours I forgot him and he was dropped into a garbage bin with his number. Later we became very good friends. And I do regret he didn’t call me sooner after our first date, as he is very nice man. But dating him after that insult would mean that I don’t respect myself. If you do not respect yourself, nobody will.

Women should never call a guy after a first date, no matter what. Period. Some women say, what if he is just shy or something happened to him? Well, shy- why do you need a looser who even can’t give a girl he liked a call?! Something happened, that’s too funny. Nothing has happened to him all these 30 or 30 something years and boom, right after your first date he happened to get into a minor car accident and now he is in the hospital thinking about you and can’t even call you. Ha! Again, respect yourself, women! If you want a man call you right after your first date, well make a good first impression. Dress beautifully, smell womanly and behave like a lady. He will not call you as soon as you leave, he will make a second date on the first date.

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Cameron Sharpe said...

"The first date is an excellent time to discuss what you expect from a relationship, your religious beliefs, your morals and where you see your future.Two people on a different path are going to have a near impossible time forming a life, even if there is love.There is more to a relationship than love and passion." I agree and you can find out about another person a lot in the first date, whether you're connected or not, first date says it!