Friday, April 10, 2009

Sophisticated singles

Sophisticated singles is the category of people hardest to find a match. They are very picky, usually older and think too much. Yes, sometimes thinking too much can be a problem, especially in relationships. Artistic natured people are seen in most weird places and they always have their own message or how they usually call “mission”. As for looks, many designers and retail shops started calling their creations to be “sophisticated”. Yes, that sounds so skin deep and usually it is.

An average looking or just a pretty girl doesn’t need designer clothes to look sophisticated, if that’s what she wants. The classic style was, is and will be the same. Many singles go very creative adding some chic to those classy clothes. Even a little, bright, one toned scarf can add some life to your general outfit. It’s easy to recognize sophisticated single in the crowd: they are not participating but rather observing the crowd and the final results. Thin, long cigarette is a usual attribute of sophisticated singles.

Everybody should watch out when they go on a hunt. Their manners you cannot compete, knowledge you cannot doubt and charm you cannot resist will all conquer you on a first date. Even if you are conquered you shouldn’t show them that, just slight interest. Sophisticated people love challenge and if they are single and looking for a compatible match you better be classy, sweet and alert!

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