Friday, October 16, 2009

Humor or looks?

Usually when you good looking guy then he is dumb or arrogant. If a guy outgoing and humorous and nice then he is usually not so good looking. And in most cases they do not come together. Same as men say about women. They want looks and smarts at the same time.
Personality is a very powerful thing, it can melt any icy hard heart. Looks do it too, but only temporary. However first charming effect can be lethal for some poor loving women (or men). I’ve met and dated many men so far, and according to my humble opinion men with personalities burn longer and probability of staying married to such guys is about 90%. Unless you decide to cheat on him. Even though the evening with handsome man can be beautiful, with a nice man it will be gorgeous. I try to make friends with good looking men and be close with middle looks men. Just because I like stability.

When talking about humor I like medium spiced humor. If a man makes you laugh, what else can be better? If a man makes you laugh all the time watch out for some behavioral abnormalities. Maybe I’m wrong, but hey, he has to be serious sometimes too. Good sense of humor is essential, I have only male friends as many girls I’ve met doesn’t seem to get my humor. Their world is narrow by salons, new ways to fold clothes and snotty kids. But simplest jokes still work on them. As for a guy I am seeing and he doesn’t get some of my political jokes about Chavez or Rice, my disappointment doesn’t have borders. Most likely I will not see him again. You can’t just look at the picture all the time, right? Same with food, would you get fool if you keep looking at the pictures of food? No. Same men. Humor, smarts and personality win on the long run anyway

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