Sunday, October 4, 2009

Would a tattoo be a make or break

First time I heard a tattoo can be a deal maker I thought how ridiculous it was. Then it happened that I met several people who were crazy about tattoos and it changed my opinion. Her name was Vanessa and she was a very big girl. When you have more body surface area you can fit more tattoos. She definitely was taking advantage of her sizes. She even had tattoo on her breasts, they were huge. Every tattoo had it’s own story and reason. The man she met had numerous tattoos as well. I thought a lot about two of them sitting on a Saturday night and describing their tattoos or their first date, it must have been full of little stories. They are having a baby on the way, and I don’t know about their intentions whether to tattoo the baby.

If you have been to “The Bodies” exhibition at the end they explain what happens to your lungs when you smoke and have a real lung of a smoker, the same they show with tattoos. Obviously the biggest organ in our body skin suffers with tattoos but I find it sad and funny when I see an older person with tattoos that are saggy and all wrinkled. That might be one of the reasons older people usually are not interested in tattoos.

The reasons I would never get a tattoo are: I think they are ugly; they are permanent; not feminine; and a major reason- only prisoners had tattoos at the beginning, it’s just teens and other easy influential people followed them. If a man I met had tattoos most likely it would be deal breaker. Even if you get them removed they leave scars and shadow of their shape. Many would argue that it might have been a mistake of youth and the person has changed and matured since that time but it is a tattoo itself that is turn off. I had two cases of men revealing their tattoos to me and the relationship would stop the next minute. So for me the tattoo would be a break, forget and never make.

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