Friday, October 23, 2009

Who should sleep on the couch after an argument

There is a secret to a strong family and it starts when you say “Yes, I do!”. Do you remember the words in good and bad? Well, when you quarrel it is bad, so you stay together even then. Once there is a habit of one of you to sleep on the couch it will be every time when you argue. What if one day he decides to sleep in his friend’s house, relatives place and maybe even ex’s apartment. What’s then? One of the spouses sleeping on the couch means depriving his/her sexual life and how can you sleep in one bed after that with the same person? Being together, in one bed is a hard after argument but it is only couple hours of sleep.

My mom always used to tell me to be with your man no matter what happens and arguments were there too. I do have a couple jokes about sleeping outside of the bed in case of arguments with my husband. He desperately wants a dog and when I told him I will never let a dog in my bed and in my kitchen he got all upset and said they will live in the tent in the backyard, so I joke about him sleeping in the backyard when we argue and not even couch. It’s still a joke and I would never let even my husband to sleep in the backyard after argument.

However I had an interesting case while I was traveling and lived with my friends for a month in Europe. They were married for less than two years and still had some unresolved issues. One night I see my girlfriend coming out and trying to sleep in my room. Imagine my surprise about their argument and she was the one to walk out and volunteer to sleep in the couch. I didn’t know what to do and honestly don’t like any other woman sleeping with me. So we spoke and I explained to her why it is so important for both of them not to sleep on the couch. After we had a cup of tea and talked about our friends, adventures and many other girls talk we both went to sleep and there was another beautiful day.

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