Friday, November 6, 2009

My Doctor Is So Handsome

My daughter had a toothache last night and we waited till morning to go to a doctor to see what was going on. Next day when we went to dentist we were told she had a new tooth growing and it is painful sometimes. Couple of days later I started having an ache in my jaw. I went to the same dentist and was referred to a maxi facial surgeons, I had a wisdom tooth coming out and it was unbearably painful so I had to get it pulled out. As a result my daughter and I ended up in the office of two young and handsome doctors who helped both of us. However they didn’t take money from me. One of them asked me if he can call me. Hmm, my doctor is asking me out? Well, that’s interesting.

When we were at the restaurant he ordered a bottle of wine and said it will help me with the loss of my tooth. I never drink over my losses, I would be a big alcoholic by now. Anyway, I liked his humor a lot. The biggest thing that women like in men is their capability to make them laugh and my doctor was big in that. Other than that he was very handsome. Tall, black eyebrows, eyelashes that were also black and long and eyes very deep and dark black. Maybe he never got out of his office but he was pale, even I had more tan than him.

It’s very hard for a woman when her doctor and lawyer are handsome, she can never tell the truth. You can’t tell your young and handsome doctor that you are having bad breath or your handsome lawyer that you want to sue your ex husband for a big sum of money. Wine made me cheerful and the atmosphere in the restaurant became more and more cozy. All the time we were dating I was secretly going to another dentist for cleaning and little treatments. Although the benefit was big I went back to him as a patient only after we broke up as a boyfriend and girlfriend.

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