Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My husband wants to learn Russian

Knowing my language was never a prerequisite for men I dated. None of them knew my native language or a couple of other languages I am fluent in. I had a boyfriend before I met my husband that wanted to learn my mother tongue. I must admit I was touched. Only because of his efforts and couple sentences he learnt I was deeply in love with him. You never know what will touch the heart of a woman. My husband wants to learn Russian now. I speak Russian and I learnt it myself but I don’t consider that language my mother tongue so if my man speaks it I wont have a butterflies in my stomach. We were driving and listening to his Russian CD which was honestly annoying as the same sentence was repeated 3-5 times. It was loud too.

I don’t know if I want to teach my husband the language. I don’t have neither patience nor time. We don’t get to spend a lot of time together as a couple and it would be unfair to spend all the time teaching and learning some third language he will never master. The reason he wants to learn Russian is not visiting Russia any time soon, he just thinks it might be useful and wants to show off extra time. I get irritated when he cannot pronounce some difficult words. Phonetics is our challenge at the moment, we don’t even plan to go deeper into grammar or reading. I wanted to learn Spanish myself but because I have so much to do at home and work, plus school full-time I had to give up the idea of having such a hobby.

Men are different. My husband is exceptionally different. He is very stubborn and if he has a goal he will surely reach it. He doesn’t want to learn my language, he says nobody speaks it in US and thus it is useless. He is not romantic at all and I don’t expect him to learn my language just to make me feel special, he is not capable of that. He is very selfish and wants to learn Russian just for his own benefit and I am an opportunity he wants to use free of charge. I have never asked my Latino boyfriends to teach me Spanish, I couldn’t take advantage of people so easily. The most I did was listen to Hispanic music and dances in the clubs.

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