Friday, October 3, 2008

What Do Men Want

Have you ever seen a great movie and great play of Mel Gibson in “What do women want”? I ask the same question myself thinking about men. What do they really want? Usually they want things contrary to what they verbalize. It gets harder when they don’t verbalize at all. Would it be right to say you can expect all kinds of surprises from that kind of person. And those surprises are not always a box with beautiful pearls or vacation ticket to Hawaii.

Our relationship was going pretty well when I saw him online, and definitely not working for some charity organization. He was rather looking for someone else. I was mad. He was fooling me for couple of weeks telling he just working and “that” thing is always on. The moment of truth eventually came to our table as well and there was not way for him to come out from it. So he said I was pushing him too much and he still wants to take his time. Then tell me that! Tell me what you want, and our interests might match. Well, if not in everything but in most things it works. I still do not believe that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Men are from Earth and women are from earth too, we even share same DNA, walk on two feet and pretty much look alike.

So what does make us so different? Hormones, society that expects us to behave certain way or politicians? Usually it’s hard to combine everything in one when it comes to the relationships. If your boyfriend is handsome and young, then he is dumb or poor, if rich and smart, then he is old and ugly and many other variations in local stores. So pick whatever you like. But what we, women have to do once we find that all together man to keep him by our side. What do that men want?

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