Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Let Me See You Strip

Yes, they are called Australia’s hottest export. After paying $60 for the show and $20 for their picture I was sitting excited and had some cash in my hands if they come over to my table and dance right in front of me. I think there is a stereotype about public that goes to men strip clubs- they are old, ugly and single women whom nobody wants to be with anymore. So my girlfriend and I (young and very beautiful) decided to change that opinion in society and went to the “Thunder from down under” show.

I know many macho men who think that men deserve respect regardless they provide for family or not, but after that show I totally lost respect for men, at least for the half of them. I wouldn’t want my husband, brother or son provide that way for his family. As everything in our world - demand creates supply, so they must be a result of hunger that women had. Then, it’s not all true that men are visual and women are auditory, women are visual too.

What did I do with the cash I had in my hands? Nothing. When one of those Australian strippers came to our table and let me touch him, I tried to feel some muscle in his arms and guess what- nothing. His arm was softer than mine. Was totally unacceptable.

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Anonymous said...

Ha, I too have been to the "Thunder from Down Under." The grossest thing for me is when you touch them and feel the stubble from where they shaved off their body hair. Ugh.