Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Greediness- is it possible to change it

It must be frustrating for any girl to never receive a single gift from her boyfriend. Many beautiful girls think men are obligated to shower them with gifts all the time. In my case I wasn’t expecting expensive gifts or surprise trips to places, but rather some attention- meaning opening the doors, asking me what I want for breakfast, etc; then, after six month of dating him I started feeling anxiety if he will ever give me anything, at least a post-card.

He is not a poor man and he constantly buys himself gifts, why not me?!
Is it in his genes, bringing up gap or just personal beliefs? I don’t know, and I’m trying to cure him from that giving him a lot of little gifts one in a while. I never forget our monthly anniversary, and take him to the nice restaurant. I don’t know if his disease is terminal or curable, but I will keep trying. I might be wrong and it’s better when you don’t expect anything or least. That way you get all you wanted and even more.


GirlForMe said...

I hope you dont mind that add you to my list of favourite blogs? I like it.

goodbadandugly2 said...

The answer is NO....well who doesn't like a nice gift every now and then...or everday! :)