Monday, October 13, 2008

Is There A Such Thing As Non-beneficial Relationships

Being a student is hard, especially if you are combining full-time school and full-time dating. Sometimes I think it would be more beneficial for me if men I date would teach me some of my classes, not only giving me gifts and pay for my school. Am I becoming greedy like an old lady from a story about gold fish which would do any of her wishes and one day she wished to be a goddess of the world. She gets nothing at the end and comes back to her initial state.

I’ve got to remember that part, in order not to forget and get as much as I can and give back the same. Can we all have relationships without asking something back? It does not fit the situation I’m in right now. I am young and in blossom and I don’t think men will give me something more than a polite smile when my beauty will fade one day and I’ll still be single. Men as well as women try to get the best they can while they have youth or later they can still catch up with money. So why people blame young and beautiful girls for getting all the best men in the world? I think it is just a process called natural selection.

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